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Cheers to 90 Years! #YearofEconDev

Have you seen IEDC’s new video series of interviews with economic developers?

Barry Matherly, CEcD, FM, Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc.

Kenny McDonald, CEcD, Columbus 2020!

Bill Popp, Anchorage Economic Development Corporate

Michael Langley, FM, Greater MSP

Jim Fram, CEcD, FM, CCE, Hot Springs Metro Partnership

Tracey Nichols, City of Cleveland – Department of Economic Development

Regina Lindsey, CEcD, Greater Beaumont – Department of Economic Development

Ken Dobson, HLM, FM, GRI, CSI, Fulton County Government, Economic Development Division

Tracye McDaniel, Texas Economic Development Corporation

>Todd Greene, CEcD, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Mike Neal, CCE, CCD, Tulsa Regional Chamber

Ron Kysiak, Ret., HLM, FM

Marva Bryan, CEcD, EDFP, Development Authority of Fulton County

Steve Weathers, CEcD, Erie County Industrial Development Agency

Bill Michalerya, Lehigh University

Scott Martinez, CEcD, North Louisiana Economic Partnership

Paul Krutko, FM, HLM, Ann Arbor SPARK

Denny Coleman, CEcD, FM, HLM, EM

Lyneir Richardson, Rutgers Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

John Zakian, CEcD, Zakian Consulting

Derieth Sutton, CEcD, EDFP, Niagara Bottling, LLC

Diane Lupke, CEcD, FM, Diane Lupke & Associates

Allison Thompson, CEcD, EDFP, City of Cedar Hill – Economic Development

IEDC Fellow, Sarah Steller, Gradate Student, Virginia Tech – Master of Urban and Regional Planning program


See a special blog posting from IEDC President and CEO, Jeff Finkle on Economic Development Week.

See recent press release on Economic Development Week here.

St. Johns County, Florida and Bay City, Michigan have passed resolutions to officially recognize Economic Development Week in their communities.

See IEDC’s call for articles celebrating the Year of the Economic Developer – Share your story.

See examples actual proclamations from Wadsworth, Ohio, The City of Medina, Ohio, and Medina County, Ohio.

How does the Fed engage in economic development across the county? Will Lambe of the Altanta Fed and Daniel Davis of the St. Louis Fed discuss various Bank initiatives in an Economic Development podcast. Tune in here.

And see these new stories about Economic Development Week:

EconDev3.0 Blog entry by JoAnn Crary, “How will You Celebrate Economic Development Week?”

Tips and what your peer communities are doing in this IEDC SlideShare about Economic Development Week

Role of Economic Development Week


Never before has the field of economic development been so complex, challenging or rewarding. Economic developers remain vigilant in their communities, seeking opportunities for economic growth, better jobs for residents and an improved quality of life. IEDC's 90th year as the premier professional association for the economic developer presents new opportunities not only to be more effective in all we do, but also to equip emerging leaders with the thought-leading, yet practical knowledge they'll need to succeed. Celebrating IEDC's 90th anniversary in 2016, this year is ours. We remain committed to serving economic developers around the globe and the communities we jointly serve as beneficiaries.

52 Weeks in Economic Development. See your colleagues highlighted all year long. Each week, starting January 4, 2016, you'll see an economic developer's reflections and industry contributions. See 52 Weeks here.

About Economic Development Week. May 8-14, 2016. Mark your calendars and stay tuned to iedconline.org for more information. IEDC Economic Development Week Webinar: Webinar Recording download, and Webinar PowerPoint Presentation download.

Share with us socially. Use #YearofEconDev hashtag.

Economic Development Week is an event created by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) to celebrate achievements within the economic development profession. The event will take place from May 8-14, 2016, and will highlight the importance and value of economic development throughout our communities which is all thanks to you, the economic developers! Information about IEDC’s 90th anniversary, including celebration activities and events throughout the year can be found on this page. Download the celebration guide to help you increase awareness and participation throughout your community.

Some tools you can expect to find within the celebration guide are:

Here's an example of a signed resolution by the President Officer, Mayor, City Attorney and City Clerk of City of St. Charles, Missouri, as submitted by David Leezer, CEcD, FM, and director of economic development.

And see these resolutions passed by the elected officials of Midland, Michigan, and from Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

Sample Resolution: A document which can be passed by cities, counties, states and the federal government to help recognize the Year of the Economic Developer and the International Economic Development Council's anniversary. The following are available as Microsoft Word documents (right-click and save):

» Sample city resolution
» Sample county resolution
» Sample state resolution

Sample Press Release: A document that each business, community, etc will be able to send out to their constituents to announce the celebration of Economic Development Week and the commemoration of IEDC’s 90-year anniversary. This document is available now.

Sample Advertisements which you may use as a template for your city, along with ideas for unique campaigns. View a folder of advertisements for download.

Innovation in EDW Campaign – New Free Award Category

A campaign organized to promote the economic development profession in your community, region, or state/province during EDW qualifies you to compete for this newly introduced award. Types of promotion include, but are not limited to, an event, seminar, marketing tour, web or print projects, video, and social and digital media campaigns. Find category details and requirements at www.iedcevents.org/AnnualConference/Awards.html.

» Download the entry form