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About Reshoring American Jobs

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Reshoring American Jobs is a project funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA). This microsite is a repository of information on the reshoring of previously outsourced U.S.-based business operations geared to economic developers. It is the go-to place to learn about and find resources to support activities encouraging reshoring in communities. Economic developers will find the latest news, case studies, and in-depth research on reshoring activity to help them stay in-the-know on reshoring trends.

This microsite is divided into three sections:

Understanding Reshoring discusses the critical role reshoring plays in strengthening the economy, identifies challenges to reshoring, and highlights lessons learned from communities that have worked with reshored companies.

"Defining the Reshoring Discussion" White Paper
National Assessment of Reshoring Activities
• Webinars:

Defining the Reshoring Discussion (April 21, 2015)
Reshoring Tools….They’re Out There (December 9, 2015)
Strengthening Your Manufacturing Workforce (April 6, 2016)
Incentives for Reshoring: Crafting a Competitive Package (August 31, 2016)

Tools for Reshoring provides resources and best practices in reshoring American jobs to aid economic developers in assisting reshoring companies.

Reshoring in the Media tracks the latest discussions on trends covered by popular and trade media. The content will help demystify the reshoring movement and serves as a practical reference for economic development professionals.

Economic developers will benefit from having this wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. The content on this webpage is a useful toolbox that will help these professionals:

• Access tips on how to engage EDA programming for reshoring activity
• Better understand their role(s) in bringing back industry and jobs to their communities
• Understand the range of challenges and obstacles to reshoring
• Learn how to develop and sustain environments that attract and support reshoring

See details about two new webinars on reshoring in June!

Starting the Reshoring Conversation
Date: Friday, June 23
Time: 2:30 - 4p.m. ET
Price: Free, but registration is required

Matchmaking Reshoring Firms with Domestic Suppliers
Date: Wednesday, June 28
Time: 2:30 - 4p.m. ET
Price: Free, but registration is required

The Reshoring American Jobs microsite is wholly managed and regularly updated by the International Economic Development Council in cooperation with the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA).

Promoting Domestic Supply Chains is an Alluring Reshoring Strategy

Small manufacturers have less capacity to take a serious look at their sourcing strategy and sometimes are unaware of the cost savings of making in America. Helping local companies find qualified domestic suppliers is a reshoring strategy most any community can use. To do so, EDOs must talk to the right industries, understand how company officials think, and be aware of the challenges a company faces when it alters its supply chain.

How automation bolsters the reshoring movement

Foreign labor costs have been rising at the same time that improvements in robotics have cut production costs. Taken together, these two trends have made it more cost-effective for many companies to return manufacturing jobs to America.

County Finds Reshoring Leads in Its Own Back Yard by Eli Dile

Economic development organizations looking to capitalize on the reshoring trend need look no further than their existing businesses. Instead of reinventing the wheel, tried and true business retention and attraction strategies can be tweaked to encourage companies with overseas operations to return jobs to the United States. One place doing exactly that is Sandusky County in northwest Ohio.

Building Partnerships for Reshoring Opportunities

At IEDC's 2017 Leadership Summit in Jacksonville, Florida, four presenters shared their experience and expertise on the resources, tools, and strategies that can be used to work with reshoring companies. As thousands of jobs return to American shores, there are significant opportunities for well-prepared communities to attract these reshoring projects. Effective preparation includes building and leveraging partnerships at the local, state, and national levels. Speakers in this session discussed the essential ingredients to developing successful partnerships for supporting reshoring companies.

Download the presentations

Reshoring Section from IEDC's Business Retention and Expansion Training Manual

IEDC's Business Retention and Expansion training manual explores strategies to retain the existing economic base by making businesses and the communities that house them more competitive. This manual was updated in 2016 and now includes a section on how communities can incorporate reshoring strategies into their BRE efforts.

Download the reshoring section of this manual

Reshoring Section from IEDC's Economic Development Marketing and Attraction Training Manual

IEDC's Economic Development Marketing and Attraction training manual presents the realities of economic development marketing and attraction programs and reviews the various components that underlie the basic tenets of such programs. This manual was updated in 2016 an now includes a section on how communities can incorporate strategies for attracting reshoring companies into their marketing efforts.

Download the reshoring section of this manual

IEDC's Annual Conference Session on Reshoring Highlighted in BusinessClimate Magazine

In the article, Reshoring Manufacturing: Success in Small Places, Bill McMeekin acknowledges October as Manufacturing Month and shares some of the reshoring successes presented at IEDC’s 2016 Annual Conference in Cleveland. Read more

Lessons from the Field: The Reshoring Experience

Over the past two years, through a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, IEDC has interviewed dozens of companies that have reshored operations to the U.S. and the economic development organizations that have aided them. The lessons learned from the conversations were shared in this session at IEDC's 2016 Annual Conference in Cleveland. The downloadable presentations highlight the companies’ perspectives on why they have chosen to reshore and provide insight into what economic development organizations can do to assist companies that are considering reshoring.

Download the presentations

Free Webinar Recording - Incentives for Reshoring: Crafting a Competitive Package

American companies are reshoring to the United States, after decades of sending jobs overseas. It’s time to boost your community’s ability to compete with other communities that are welcoming firms back ashore. Communities are competing to attract these reshoring firms, and many have found that financial and non-financial incentives are tools that can provide a competitive edge. This webinar presents best practice strategies for crafting competitive incentives packages, with a specific focus on the most common needs of companies that are reshoring.

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Download the presentation

ED Now Feature: New Toolkit Helps EDOs Pursue Reshoring Opportunities in Their Communities
By Dana Crater, IEDC

Reshoring – the act of returning previously offshored manufacturing, IT, and service jobs to their company’s home soil – is driving job creation in the United States. In fact, over 60,000 jobs were reshored in 2014 alone. American economic development organizations (EDOs) are responding to this rising trend by incorporating reshoring into their attraction, retention, and expansion strategies. Read more

IEDC Original Research Highlighted in Industry Week

Michele Nash-Hoff, president of ElectroFab Sales, presents the findings of IEDC’s research in the Industry Week article, Reshoring has Become an Economic Development Strategy. The article also presents the tools and resources available when manufacturers are considering reshoring. Read more

Design World’s Paul Henley Highlights IEDC Research on Reshoring

“Reshoring continues to make inroads in the American manufacturing sphere. While speaking with a robotics expert recently, he remarked how the cheaper and easier-to-program industrial robots now available are bringing production costs much lower. Low enough, in fact, that in some industries, smaller manufacturers can effectively compete with the low labor cost countries overseas” Read more

Free Webinar Recording - Strengthening Your Manufacturing Workforce

Is your community’s workforce ready to meet the demands of today’s manufacturing industry? As the manufacturing industry becomes automated, American companies are returning facilities to U.S. soil and seeking highly skilled workers. Discover how you can strengthen your manufacturing workforce to meet the demands of today’s reshoring companies in IEDC's "Strengthening Your Manufacturing Workforce" webinar.

Download the recording
Download the presentations

Four Strategies to Encourage Reshoring Learned at IEDC's Leadership Summit

At IEDC's 2016 Leadership Summit, economic development thought leaders identified several strategies EDOs can adopt to accelerate the reshoing trend. Those include: incorporating reshoring into business retention and expansion programs; marketing to companies with overseas operations; preparing a manufacturing labor supply; and highlighting reshoring advantages of small and rural communities. Read more.

IEDC Past Chair Discuss Strategies for EDOs to Assist Reshoring Companies in Expansion Solutions Magazine

JoAnn Crary’s recent article in Expansion Solution Magazine explores the where and why companies are reshoring and highlights free tools for reshoring. Additionally, Ms. Crary explores strategies economic development organizations can use to assist companies considering reshoring to their community. www.expansionsolutionsmagazine.com

IEDC Original Research Highlighted in Site Selection Magazine

Faster Speed to Market. Flexible Inventory. Practical Economics. Labor. Quality Assurance. Customer Demand. These are the primary reasons identified by companies for reshoring to the United States by IEDC.

IEDC interviewed senior leaders of American firms about their experience with reshoring in the United States. Their goal was to learn how economic development organizations can support companies in their reshoring decisions. In the November/December 2015 edition of Site Select Magazine, Barry Matherly, CEcD, FM authored an article highlighting the top six reasons companies reshore to the United States. Learn more about these six reasons with insights from companies at siteselection.com.

Bring Bonnie Back: Attracting Jobs from Abroad

Labor costs and skills. Proximity to customers and suppliers. Quality control. Lead time. Intellectual property protections. These are just a few of the reasons companies declare when asked why they are choosing to bring jobs back that were previously offshored. This growing trend of reshoring offers numerous opportunities for communities to attract companies relocating jobs. At the 2015 Annual Conference, four presenters shared their experience and expertise on the resources, tools and strategies in working with reshoring companies.

Judith Walker (Chief Operating Officer, OCO Global Ltd., Belfast, Northern Ireland) presented a case study from the United Kingdom’s reshoring efforts. View presentation
Jay Moon, CEcD, FM, HLM (President & CEO, Mississippi Manufacturers Association, Jackson, MS) discussed what community assets companies are considering when selecting a location for returning jobs. View presentation
Mark Schmit (Manager National Accounts, Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Gaithersburg, MD) presented resources and strategies to help reel in these jobs from abroad to your community. View presentation
Jamie Stitt (Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Business Development, State of Tennessee, Nashville, TN) shared success stories of companies that have returned jobs to their home country. View presentation

Free Webinar Recording - Reshoring Tools….They’re Out There

Companies will conduct several analyses before deciding on a location. Fortunately for American economic developers, there are free tools that can be used to assist a company in deciding to return jobs from overseas. On December 9, 2015, Harry Moser, President of the Reshoring Initiative and Jack Cobb, Program Analyst and Project Officer for the Research and National Technical Assistance Program at the U.S. Economic Development Administration presented tools economic developers can use to assist businesses with their reshoring decisions. Mr. Moser and Mr. Cobb provided an in-depth discussion on the Assess Costs Everywhere (ACE) Tool, Cost Differential Frontier Calculator, National Excess Manufacturing Capacity Catalog (NEXCAP), Total Cost of Ownership Estimator™, and the U.S. Cluster Mapping tools.

Download Jack Cobb and Harry Moser’s presentations at

Download the recording
Download the presentation

Free Webinar Recording - Defining the Reshoring Discussion

Due to significant media attention, it is increasingly difficult to ignore the growing reshoring trend. Economic development practitioners who are aware of the reshoring trend and informed of its potential benefits will be better positioned to positively impact their communities. Download this free webinar recording to discover the opportunities that reshoring can offer American communities. The webinar will teach you the who, what, when, where, and why of reshoring and provide information on the preliminary responses from IEDC’s nationwide assessment of reshoring activities.

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