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Rethinking technology transfer for greater local impact
Eli Dile   on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

Technology Transfer Evolution: Driving Economic Prosperity, a new report by the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, makes the case for colleges and universities to better integrate research commercialization with local community and economic development objectives. Per the report:

The working group observed that “quickly fading are the days of technology transfer offices focusing solely on patenting and licensing.” Today, universities are moving beyond a revenue-driven, transactional technology transfer approach and integrating the efforts of technology management offices into the broader engagement activities of institutions.

The report offers four guiding principles for leaders in academia to strengthen community engagement through research outcomes.

  1. Success in technology transfer should not be measured by revenue, but by contributions to economic prosperity.

  2. Technology transfer must better integrate and align with the broader economic engagement efforts of the university.

  3. Strategic resource allocation for technology transfer, including funding and staffing, must take into account a broader scope of activities and expectations.

  4. Make the economic engagement story more explicit.

The report is filled with useful examples highlighting how universities put these principles into action and use their brain power to give back to the local community.


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