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Manufacturing training goes mobile in central Ohio
Eli Dile   on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 9:00:00 am

Marion Technical College, north of Columbus, is rolling out a mobile manufacturing lab (Marion Star). The truck is outfitted with industrial equipment that will bring worker training to employers’ doors. ED Now recently reported on a similar mobile workforce development center in Newark, N.J.; it’s a trend which seems to have legs, or in this case, wheels.

The $500,000 vehicle has a 400-square-foot simulation center that can accommodate eight students at a time.

"It can aid employers as the demand for certain skills increases and as an older workforce retires," said Bob Haas, the college’s chief strategy officer. "The lab will have real manufacturing equipment to train on, so a site doesn't have to take equipment offline."

The vehicle will include laptops, a miniature milling machine, electrical and mechanical training panels, and a desktop robot donated by a local industrial robotics company. Funding from the state Department of Higher Education, Jobs Ohio, and a local EDO will cover initial costs. The college expects fees for service to cover operating costs.

Marion Technical College surveyed 75 manufacturers around the region to devise the vehicle’s training offerings. Its customization potential means it can provide training in fields other than manufacturing.

Image: Marion Star


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