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EDO debuts new “Choose Springfield – or Else” slogan
Eli Dile   on Sunday, April 1, 2018 at 10:00:00 am

In an effort that’s been described as “ambitious” by some and “puzzling” by others, the Springfield Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) has rebranded its marketing initiative as “Choose Springfield – or Else.” SEDC unveiled the new slogan at a city council meeting last Thursday.

“’Choose Springfield – or Else’ is a way to aggressively brand our community, and directly communicates to prospective businesses and residents our stellar quality of life,” said SEDC executive director Chip Bradley. “Life, after all, is a precious thing. A fragile thing…”

The slogan now adorns city-branded swag, from t-shirts to flash drives, that is being delivered to site selection consultants nationwide. To highlight its natural amenities, Choose Springfield – or Else also includes locally caught fish wrapped in national newspapers containing positive press coverage of the region.

Bradley shrugged off suggestions the new slogan could be interpreted as pushy, or even threatening by some.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, nobody’s making any threats here,” Bradley clarified. “This is about unapologetically communicating our value proposition,” he insisted.

Bradley says his staff, or “crew,” as he refers to them, is preparing for an uptick in interest among advanced manufacturers.

“I’m convinced businesses won’t be able to say no once they get acquainted with our skilled workforce,” Bradley said. “You should see what these guys can do with a welding torch.”

Added Bradley: “We’ve got shovel-ready sites primed for development. And if those sites don’t entice prospects, I’ve got a different kind of shovel-ready site to show them, if you catch my drift.”


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