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In a win for transparency, San Antonio creates incentives database
Eli Dile   on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

Scrutiny over economic development incentives is at an all-time high, with GASB 77 and backlash over Amazon’s HQ2 search playing no small role. In response, some local governments are proactively disclosing more information on economic development deals and the public money underwriting them.

Earlier this month, San Antonio created a public database of active incentive agreements. Citizens can now access information on “contractual terms and compliance data, such as number of jobs created and wage requirements” (Rivard Report). The database also gives the names of companies receiving the incentive, something GASB 77 does not require. There are 61 active agreements being monitored, and the data will be updated annually.

San Antonio joins the ranks of places like Grand Rapids, Michigan, which publishes an annual report on incentive agreements and calculates their return on investment.


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