Jobs in the Making: Economic Development Strategies to Grow Manufacturing
Author: Patrick McHugh. 2011. 190 pages.

This report from IEDC, the result of a year-long research project supported by the Economic Development Research Partners program, explores the evolution of the manufacturing sector and what communities can do to foster its viability. It combines high-level discussions of important market trends with nuts-and-bolts guidance on what those trends mean for communities that are working to protect and grow manufacturing jobs.

An overview of the sector’s history and importance to the U.S. economy provides context for the report, along with an examination of trends that have led manufacturing to become more innovative, open and globalized. Research plus interviews and surveys of leading economic developers identify key trends and strategies to retain and grow manufacturing firms. The report includes action steps for cultivating supply chain opportunities, creating innovation networks, promoting exports, developing a skilled workforce, expanding access to financing, and other tools and ideas.

Fourteen case studies highlight strategies around finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, international partnerships and more. The report also includes a comprehensive list of federal resources and a toolkit of resources for addressing layoff aversion, surveying dislocated workers and assessing transportation and logistics competitiveness.

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