Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development Strategies

2016. 253 pages.

malls and emerging businesses are a significant source of employment and wealth generation in today’s high technology global economy. They stimulate job creation, develop crucial innovations in both products and services, and promote the diversification of the economic base. Thus, it is critical that communities and economic developers dedicate resources to developing and promoting new business startups and establish effective support systems. A community that meets the needs of its entrepreneurs increases its chances of job growth by small businesses, which translates into a more vibrant community.

This manual identifies the tools that economic developers need to create a climate that caters to small businesses. In addition, it covers the characteristics of entrepreneurs and small business owners, the barriers they face and how communities can promote their development.

In this manual, you will learn:

  • Characteristics of entrepreneurs and small business owners;
  • Elements of entrepreneurial and small business development support;
  • Building public-private partnerships to expand debt and equity financing;
  • The fundamentals of economic gardening and practical case studies;
  • Launching business incubators and accelerators;
  • How to attract private investors and lenders;
  • Various federal and non-federal resources available to economic developers to stimulate small business development in their communities.


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