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Keeping Your EDW Campaign in the News

Inviting local media to your economic development week event is only the beginning. You can highlight the importance of economic development through a variety of media outlets.

Here’s a sample press release to get you started.

Write a guest column for your community’s newspaper. Here’s how:

Who should write: Elected and appointed officials or recognized local authorities. Examples of relevant titles include governor, mayor, business leader, executive economic developer, board chairmen or other civic leader. If you don’t currently hold one of these titles, think of someone who does and encourage them to write it. You might even ghost write it for them to ensure the message is authentic to your EDOs brand.

What to write: Messages should be current, easy to read and concise. They should also provide compelling arguments on the benefits and necessities of economic development and what it has done for your business, community or state. Include case studies and other real life examples to increase interest. IEDC’s strategic priorities for 2017 focus on creating and strengthening regional economic development strategies and partnerships, and increasing economic opportunity for all.

Want to do more? Here are other ideas to increase communication about your campaign:

Blog post: Ask to serve as a guest blogger during Economic Development Week and author a blog post. Topic examples include new project installations, awards and recognitions your EDO received, program updates and new features and upcoming events you’ll offer after EDW, such as webinars and workshops. See blog examples from 2016: Virginia Economic Developers Association, Greater Portland, International Trade Administration and Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation.

See more ideas for engaging the press to amplify your EDW campaign: Download the 2017 Celebration Toolkit