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2017 Salary Survey of Economic Development Professionals

2017 Salary and Demographic Survey of Economic Development ProfessionalsYear after year, IEDC's Salary Survey of Economic Development Professionals has remained the industry standard reference for compensation, demographic, and professional activity information. Data from thousands of economic development professionals make this an authoritative report of exacting detail.

All of this valuable information is available digitally. Also new this year, Canadian practitioners have the option of purchasing a report that includes country-specific data only.

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The Economic Development Impacts of Immigration

Immigration is an integral part of America’s past, present, and future. In recent decades, the waves of immigrants coming to U.S. shores have grown larger. Due to changes in immigration flows and settlement patterns, some economic development organizations (EDOs) are now facing immigration issues and immigrant populations without adequate knowledge or relevant experience. This paper summarizes the large body of research on immigration and economic development, and finds much evidence that immigration strengthens the economy and contributes in several positive ways. Throughout the paper, various case studies illustrate how EDOs in communities large and small have engaged immigrants in economic development.

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The Board Savvy CEO: Building a High-Impact Partnership With Your Board

The Board-Savvy CEO provides readers with detailed, practical guidance in building the kind of close, positive, and productive board-CEO partnership that is essential for organizational stability and growth. You’ll learn how to strengthen your board’s governing capacity, transform board members into satisfied owners of their governing work, and maintain a healthy board-CEO working relationship.

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Universities and Colleges as Economic Drivers: Measuring Higher Education's Role in Economic Development

Local, state, and national economies are facing unprecedented levels of international competition. The current fiscal crisis has hampered the ability of many governments in the developed world to directly facilitate economic growth. At the same time, many governments in the developing world are investing significant new resources into local infrastructure and industry development initiatives. At the heart of the current economic transformation lie our colleges and universities. Through their roles in education, innovation, knowledge transfer, and community engagement, these institutions are working toward spurring economic growth and prosperity.

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New Realities for Funding Economic Development Organizations

Funding for economic development organizations (EDOs) is changing in response to various global, national and local shifts. Not only are funding mechanisms impacted, but also EDO structures and their business practices. This paper is the second one in a series of research papers, themed Adapting and Thriving: New Realities for Economic Development Organizations. It explores trends in different organizational funding streams for EDOs before and after the Great Recession. The paper covers both public and private funding streams and provides recommendations for economic developers who want to develop and strengthen specific funding streams as part of their organization's budget. Case study examples highlight successful practices from around the world.

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Complete Set of IEDC Training Manuals

Purchase all of the training course manuals in one click. The entire set is specially priced so that you save over 15% when you order the set of 12 manuals through the IEDC Bookstore. Never before has it been so easy to learn so much.

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