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Big Is Beautiful: Debunking the Myth of Small Business

By Robert D Atkinson, Michael Lind. 2018. 368 pages.

Why small business is not the basis of American prosperity, not the foundation of American democracy, and not the champion of job creation.

In this provocative book, Robert Atkinson and Michael Lind argue that small business is not, as is widely claimed, the basis of American prosperity. Small business is not responsible for most of the country's job creation and innovation. American democracy does not depend on the existence of brave bands of self-employed citizens. Small businesses are not systematically discriminated against by government policy makers. Rather, Atkinson and Lind argue, small businesses are not the font of jobs, because most small businesses fail. The only kind of small firm that contributes to technological innovation is the technological start-up, and its success depends on scaling up. The idea that self-employed citizens are the foundation of democracy is a relic of Jeffersonian dreams of an agrarian society. And governments, motivated by a confused mix of populist and free market ideology, in fact go out of their way to promote small business. Every modern president has sung the praises of small business, and every modern president, according to Atkinson and Lind, has been wrong.

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Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey Into the Heart of America

By James Fallows, Deborah Fallows. 2018. 432 pages.

A vivid, surprising portrait of the civic and economic reinvention taking place in America, town by town and generally out of view of the national media. A realistically positive and provocative view of the country between its coasts.

For the last five years, James and Deborah Fallows have been traveling across America in a single-engine prop airplane. Visiting dozens of towns, they have met hundreds of civic leaders, workers, immigrants, educators, environmentalists, artists, public servants, librarians, business people, city planners, students, and entrepreneurs to take the pulse and understand the prospects of places that usually draw notice only after a disaster or during a political campaign.

The America they saw is acutely conscious of its problems--from economic dislocation to the opioid scourge--but itis also crafting solutions, with a practical-minded determination at dramatic odds with the bitter paralysis of national politics. At times of dysfunction on a national level, reform possibilities have often arisen from the local level. The Fallowses describe America in the middle of one of these creative waves. Their view of the country is as complex and contradictory as America itself, but it also reflects the energy, the generosity and compassion, the dreams, and the determination of many who are in the midst of making things better. Our Towns is the story of their journey--and an account of a country busy remaking itself.

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2017 Salary Survey of Economic Development Professionals

2017 Salary and Demographic Survey of Economic Development ProfessionalsYear after year, IEDC's Salary Survey of Economic Development Professionals has remained the industry standard reference for compensation, demographic, and professional activity information. Data from thousands of economic development professionals make this an authoritative report of exacting detail.

All of this valuable information is available digitally. Also new this year, Canadian practitioners have the option of purchasing a report that includes country-specific data only.

Survey participants: Order the 2017 Salary Survey
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Order the Canadian Version of the 2017 Salary Survey

Survey participant price: $100
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Beyond the Survey: How EDOs Add Value through Business Retention and Expansion

Business retention and expansion (BRE) is a core practice of economic development, but its execution has evolved considerably in recent years. Reliance on surveying and periodic outreach continues, but where changes are most being seen is in a variety of new value-added models to address business needs. To understand what BRE looks like today, IEDC's in-house think tank, the Economic Development Research Partners, conducted a survey to determine how economic developers are delivering growth-enabling services to local businesses and demonstrating value to stakeholders. The paper presents the results of the survey, modern best practices, how EDOs are measuring the value of the programs, case studies of impactful programs, and recommendations for how to make the most of expansion and retention achievements.

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Place Matters: The Role of Placemaking in Economic Development

Placemaking is a community and economic development strategy that seeks to use local assets to create appealing and unique places where people want to live, work, and play. For communities that have transitioned from economies centered around commodities and natural resources to economies centered on knowledge, quality of place has become a key differentiator in being able to recruit and retain talent. EDRP's new research examines how economic development benefits from placemaking and provides examples of transformational projects that range from single buildings to neighborhoods and regions.

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Complete Set of IEDC Training Manuals

Purchase all of the training course manuals in one click. The entire set is specially priced so that you save over 15% when you order the set of 12 manuals through the IEDC Bookstore. Never before has it been so easy to learn so much.

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