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Are You Underpaid?

Updated Salaries and Demographic Data of Economic Developers Now Available
2017 IEDC Salary and Demographic Survey of Economic Development Professionals


See how you match up your peers with the most updated data. IEDC has released its 2017 Salary and Demographic Survey of Economic Development Professionals. More than 3,600 responses from economic development professionals from around the world made the survey the most responded to since the inception of the publication. The collected data is the industry standard reference for information on compensation, professional activity and demographic trends.

Some types of data the Salary and Demographic Data Survey include:
- Current Employment Status
- Country of Organization
- Number of Full-Time Employees
- Economic Development’s Annual Operating Budget
- Position
- Current Position Tenure
- Number of People Supervised
- Annual Base Salary
- Total Compensation
- Highest Degree Earned
- Certifications and Formal Training Received
- Age
- Gender
- Ethnicity

Such information helps economic development organizations gauge employee salaries and diversity standards to keep them up to date. The report is available in the IEDC bookstore for $100 for participants of the survey, and $250 for non-participants. It will be sent as an electronic PDF, or you may request a hard copy in the order.

Whether you’re at the top of the ladder, or on your way up, you will find the newest salary survey a must-have resource. Buyers will find the publication at the IEDC Bookstore.