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Request for Press Coverage for 2018 IEDC FED Forum

Event dates: March 25-27 at the Washington Court Hotel, Capitol Hill

Washington, DC – March 12, 2018 - Press passes are being made available for the 2018 IEDC FED Forum. The event is from March 25-27 at the Washington Court Hotel. The event’s website is www.iedconline.org/fedforum [iedconline.org]. Press attend at no cost.  

Discussions will revolve around the following, for which speaker interviews may be secured. Interviews with our executive leadership and board members who represent communities from across the country may be scheduled upon request as well. A few discussion highlights are as follows: 

Pre-Plenary Session: State of Federal Economic Development

Our annual retrospective of what happened in federal economic development in the previous year and an outlook on what we can expect in the year ahead based on the White House budget proposal. This must-attend session is one of the most popular at the FED Forum as IEDC President & CEO walks us through the highlights and most pressing issues facing the profession.

Jeffrey A. Finkle, CEcD [iedcevents.org], President & CEO, International Economic Development Council, Washington, DC

Manufacturing Matters
We are a nation of designers, makers and builders. But are you tapped into the changing needs of manufacturers? How do you know? The federal government offers a number of resources – Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP), to name a few – that, when leveraged with local resources and know-how, can produce lasting results. Discussion highlights:
• Scaling resources to a diverse manufacturing audience in your community 
• Your approach to supporting manufacturers and if it has evolved 

Clara Asmail [iedcevents.org], Senior Program Manager, Office of Technology Transition, U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC 
Tracy Frost [iedcevents.org], Acting Director, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program; Director, Department of Defense (DoD) Manufacturing USA Institutes, Arlington, VA 
David C. Stieren [iedcevents.org], Manager, Technology Acceleration, NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Gaithersburg, MD

Plenary Session: The Price of Growth

The federal government spends over $1 trillion a year on things ranging from national defense to job training to food programs to real estate, and just about everything in between. And while it rightly seems that Washington moves at a snail’s pace, in recent times decisions on spending and revenue have been made at comparatively lightning-quick speeds. If our profession is to continue growing our voice in Washington and with elected officials everywhere, we need to closely examine the costs in order to make sound decisions and provide credible advice. The future of our national and local economies demands nothing less. Discussion highlights:
• Spending versus revenue: what is the right balance to support continued economic growth? 
• If we can’t have it all, how should policymakers prioritize spending? 
• What is our economic forecast? Can we alter it and do we want to?

Master of Ceremonies: 
Kenny McDonald, CEcD [iedcevents.org], Chief Economic Officer, Columbus2020, Columbus, OH

Keynote Speaker: 
Shai Akabas [iedcevents.org], Director of Economic Policy, Bipartisan Policy Center, Washington, DC


IEDC's think tank, the Economic Development Research Partners, will be launching its newest publication as well. 

The Changing Energy Landscape and Its Impact on Economic Development in America
Changes in energy sources and distribution are creating both challenges and opportunities for many regions of the country. How is this impacting regional economies, and how are economic developers responding to new realities? The paper explores multiple forms of energy -- from coal and oil to natural gas, nuclear energy and renewables. The paper provides case studies on how economic developers are working to stabilize their communities, meet demands of businesses and maximize opportunities. The session will cover:
• Where major changes are occurring and what you should be prepared for 
• How economic developers from diverse communities are dealing with significant impacts to their economies 
• Programs you can use to support changes that are occurring in your community

• David Maahs, CEcD , Executive Vice President, Economic Development, Greater Des Moines Partnership, Des Moines, IA
• Steve Weathers, CEcD, President & CEO, Erie County Industrial Development Agency, Buffalo, NY 
• Rick Weddle, FM, HLM, President & CEO, Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance, Norfolk, VA

The FED Forum program may be seen here.

Email IEDC Press contact:
Akia Ashmond Brew, Sr. Director, Marketing & Digital Community Engagement at agbrew@iedconline.org or call 202.223.7800.