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Inclusive workforce strategy development webinar this September

Are we being inclusive enough in our workforce development? In order to be truly inclusive and serve the needs of broad demographics within our communities, investments in education, support services, and training for underrepresented workers are needed to improve the quality of living for all.

Join IEDC on Thursday, September 19 for a deep dive into emerging workforce strategies that specifically support marginalized populations in our communities and that connect them with new opportunities. During this two-hours webinar, attendees will: 

  • Learn about inclusive, holistic workforce strategies to support marginalized populations, increase economic participation, and adapt to the needs of today's current and future workforce
  • Hear about ways to create partnerships with post-secondary institutions to align and develop new training and career educational programs
  • Understand how to leverage public-private partnerships as an opportunity to grow your regional talent pipelines

Speakers include: 

  • Peter A. Creticos, President & Executive Director, Institute for Work & the Economy
  • Anita Davis, Workforce Development Program Director, Mid-America Regional Council
  • Melissa Johnson, State Policy Director, National Skills Coalition
  • Wonda Winkler, Executive Vice President, Brighton Center
  • Michael A. Finney, President & CEO, Miami-Dade Beacon Council

Register today, and don’t miss this opportunity to support your community’s progress towards workforce inclusion and economic equity.