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Coming March 15- 16: IEDC 2021 Virtual Leadership Summit


Greater Together: Investing in Communities, People, and Innovation Ecosystems.

Communities are facing complex challenges and opportunities shaped by technological disruptions, shifting labor markets, and persistent social, economic, and geographic disparities.  The added events of the past several months have created even more challenging environments but may also bring opportunities for lasting and inclusive growth. 

The 2021 Leadership Summit will focus on generating conversations, ideas, and actions for leaders in economic development to step boldly into the future with vision and confidence. 

The conference’s content will fall across four “tracks,” or themes: 

  1. Investing in People
  2. Investing in Community
  3. Investing in Innovation Ecosystems
  4. The Power of Data

Interested in attending? Visit https://iedcconferences.org/phoenix/ to learn more.