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Panel Advisory Process / Technical Assistance

Because we utilize the expertise and experience of IEDC members who are active economic development practitioners, IEDC is uniquely positioned to address the constantly changing demands and challenges of the economic development profession.

IEDC brings together a team of expert panelists from our membership, whose skills and expertise match the needs of a specific advisory services project. IEDC advisory services staff and the member experts visit the community for two to four days. The team interviews community stakeholders, gathers information, and provides immediate feedback and recommendations, which are later included in a detailed final report with case examples.

Our process:

1. Our experienced staff will meet with you to discuss your unique challenges and needs, and develop an agreed upon scope of work

2. We will convene an IEDC Panel Advisory Team from our staff and IEDC’s membership whose skills and experience match the specific needs of the client’s project

3. The IEDC Panel Advisory Team will conduct a site visit in the client community for two to four days, involving interviews with community stakeholders, and information gathering

4. At the conclusion of the site visit the IEDC Team provides immediate feedback and recommendations to the client and community

5. A more comprehensive analysis (based on the findings and recommendations from the site visit) is later included in a detailed final report, along with case studies of communities that illustrate different approaches and solutions for similar economic development challenges to those of the client