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It’s here! The 2018 National Economic Development Celebration Toolkit is ready for download.

Celebration Dates: May 7-12, 2018

Created by the International Economic Development Council, and inspired by IEDC’s 2016 Past Chair, Barry Matherly, CEcD FM, President and CEO, Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc., the goal of Economic Development Week (EDW) is to increase awareness for local programs that create jobs, advance career development opportunities and increase the quality of life. National Economic Development Week consists of in-person and online activities designed to highlight the importance of economic development taking place in the United States. Economic Development Week is also celebrated throughout Canada.

Need to modify the Celebration Toolkit to fit the unique needs of your community?

Spearhead a movement in your area by rallying your professional peers in your state or region. Get started by adding your community’s name, branding and campaign details to the publication. See how the State of Colorado and Saskatchewan, Canada worked with IEDC to modify the Toolkit in 2017. Get in touch with us to mobilize peers in your area. See more.

Get involved and take part in the celebration by downloading the 2018 Celebration Toolkit and access:

• Special ways to engage your elected officials
• Press release template
• Electronic and print advertising templates
• City, county and state resolutions templates
• Social media marketing sample promotional messaging
• Event ideas and more
• #EconDevWeek Excellence in Economic Development Week Awards details

Register now for the free webinar and hear from 2017 award-winning communities.


Get started now and create awareness for the value that the economic development practice and profession brings to your community.

Celebrate Economic Development Week Across North America and Around the Globe!

Join in on the celebration and share success stories from your campaign with IEDC. Communities in Canada and Mexico may download the North America version, and other nations may download the International version.

Rally EDOs in your entire nation to create campaigns for the celebration week. Your community may require alternative wording. Here’s a 2017 example of how Saskatechewan customized the Toolkit to meet their unique needs.

¿Hablas español?

¿Sirves una comunidad hispanohablante? ¡Estupendo! ¡Invítelos a la diversión de la Semana de Desarrollo Económico! Descargue la nueva versión en español del guía y podrás compartir materiales de la campaña en español.

Aumenta el conocimiento sobre la importancia, el valor y los beneficios del desarrollo económico entre la población hispanohablante. Puedes empezar con # EDW2018