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Advisory Committees

Are you interested in serving on one of IEDC's Advisory Committees? Would you like to invite others to serve on an Advisory Committee? Click here to view a printable copy of our "Get More Involved" card.

The Advisory Committee Handbook (PDF) was adopted by the IEDC Board of Directors in September 2010. It provides and orientation to the role of Advisory Committees in IEDC’s work and explains what the committees do. The Handbook also outlines the policies and procedures that govern IEDC Advisory Committees.

Accredited Economic Development Organizations Committee

This committee oversees AEDO applications, conducts the AEDO process, and makes recommendations for AEDO status. This committee reports to the Performance Oversight and Monitoring Committee.

Chair: Glenn (Skip) Smallwood, CEcD, CEM, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Vice Chair: Dan Henderson, CEcD, Director, Town of Gilbert, Office of Economic Development, Gilbert, Arizona

Contact: Dana Crater, dcrater@iedconline.org, (910) 833-7020

Basic Economic Development Course Advisory Committee

This committee, composed of the BEDC Course Directors, functions as an organized group to share information and enhance the BEDC program. Any policy action must be referred to the Education and Certification Advisory Committee. Activities of the Committee may include profiling and sharing best practices among BEDC Course Directors related to program and instructor development, advising potential BEDCs and/or newly accredited BEDCs, alerting staff to contacts that may potentially serve as champions of a new BEDC within a state that currently does not have one, and acting as ambassadors to boost awareness of the accreditation program. The BEDC committee reports to the Education and Certification Advisory Committee, which reports to the Board of Director’s Performance Oversight and Monitoring Committee (POM). POM oversees the accreditation of new BEDCs and other programs as well as the subsequent reaccreditation activity. The BEDC Committee meets four times a year: an in person meeting at the annual conference and three conference calls throughout the year.

Chair: Joyce Grossman, Executive Director, Arizona Association for Economic Development, Phoenix, AZ
Vice Chair: James Hoelscher, Program Manager, University of Northern Iowa – Institute for Decision Making, Cedar Falls, IA

Contact: certification@iedconline.org

Education and Certification Advisory Committee

The Education and Certification Advisory Committee assists in the development of new CEcD exam content and provides input to help shape the relevancy and content of professional development courses, including advanced courses. The committee monitors complimentary and competitive education offerings by outside groups within the economic development industry. The work of this committee will include reviewing questionable CEcD applications in which the candidate's eligibility cannot be clearly determined by staff; disputed "failed" results of the CEcD exam; applications for level two re-certification credits; and applications for Basic Economic Development Course accreditation. The committee will oversee the Re-accreditation of Basic Economic Development Courses on a 3-year cycle. This Committee reports to the Performance Oversight and Monitoring Committee. Due to the nature of the content discussed and reviewed, this committee is open only to current CEcDs.

Chair: Rob Cleveland, CEcD, President and CEO, Cornerstone Alliance, Benton Harbor, MI
Vice Chair: Lindsey Kimball, CEcD, Director, Hillsborough County Economic Development, Tampa, FL

Contact: certification@iedconline.org

Excellence in Economic Development Awards Advisory Committee

This committee makes recommendations for enhancing the Excellence in Economic Development Awards and conducts the judging for the awards. Members must be able to participate in the judging in Washington DC. This Task Force reports to the Performance Committee.

Chair: Quentin Messer, President and CEO, New Orleans Business Alliance
Vice Chair: Tim Vanderhoof, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Enterprise Florida, Inc.

Contact: Allison Mahnke, amahnke@iedconline.org, (202) 942-9483

Higher Education Advisory Committee

The IEDC Higher Education Advisory Committee develops and implements strategies to foster broader engagement between economic developers and the higher education sector, including universities, community colleges, and technical colleges. This Committee encourages building the capacity of economic developers and higher education to work collaboratively to grow jobs, investment and talent in a knowledge-based economy.

For more information on economic development-university collaboration, download this document.

Chair: Joel Simon, Vice President for Workforce and Economic Development, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, Chicago, IL
Vice Chair: Haldane Davies, Vice President for Business Development and Innovation, University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, VI

Contact: Eli Dile, edile@iedconline.org; (202) 942-9488

International Advisory Committee

This committee provides a venue for networking and knowledge sharing among internationally-active members. These members include practitioners outside the US and those with an interest in global issues, trends and best practices. Members serve as an advisory committee on international content for IEDC's conferences, professional development courses and research projects. The International Committee reports to the External Member Relations Committee.

Chair: Sam Driggers, CEcD, Director of Special Projects; GlobalSF, San Francisco, CA
Vice Chair: Vanessa Goeschl, CEcD, Managing Director, European Office; South Carolina Department of Commerce, Munich, Germany

Contact: Gareth Potts, gpotts@iedconline.org, (202) 942-9473

Membership Development Advisory Committee

This committee focuses on membership development and enhancement including the mentoring and cultivating of new professionals in the economic development profession. The Advisory Committee reviews approaches to reach out and communicate to non-members the value of membership in IEDC including reviewing membership development and enhancement programs from other organizations and reviewing the Annual Membership survey for ideas for the provision of new cost-effective member services. This Advisory Committee is externally focused and reports to the External Member Relations Committee.

Chair: Bill Cronin, President and CEO, Pasco Economic Development Council, Lutz, FL
Vice Chair: Heather McDaniel, CEcD, Vice President, Tompkins County Area Development, Ithaca, NY

Contact: Phil Goodwin, pgoodwin@iedconline.org, (202) 639-9106

Public Policy Advisory Committee

This committee monitors and reviews the organization's legislative affairs and federal relations by establishing a list of key legislative issues to be monitored, recommending strategic and policy actions, and providing guidance on the content of the annual Economic Development Summit. The committee reports to the External Member Relations Committee.

Chair: Derieth Sutton, CEcD, EDFP, Director of Economic Development & Government Relations, Niagara Bottling LLC, Groveland, FL
Vice Chair: Mignonne Hollis, Executive Director, Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation, Sierra Vista, AZ

Contact: Matthew Mullin, mmullin@iedconline.org, (202) 942-9482.

Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Sustainability Advisory Committee provides direction to IEDC's activities in the area of sustainable economic development. Specifically, the committee helps identify resources to support sustainability projects, works to develop criteria for identifying best or promising practices in sustainable economic development, and serves as a forum and expert committee for exploring and deciphering the implications and significance of emerging sustainability issues in economic development broadly as well as for IEDC projects specifically. The Sustainability Committee is committed to helping the members of IEDC, as well as the economic development profession, transform and accelerate their organizational and community sustainability thinking and activities. This committee reports to the Planning and Business Development Committee.

Chair: David A. Leezer, CEcD, FM, Director of Economic Development, City of St. Charles, MO
Vice Chair: Iryna Lendel, PhD, Professor, Cleveland State University – Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland, OH

Contact: Louise Anderson, landerson@iedconline.org

Young Professionals Advisory Committee

This committee advises IEDC on matters important to young economic development professionals and students of economic development related disciplines. It recommends programming that is relevant to the younger set, assists with communication to this demographic and those interested in supporting young professionals, and provides general guidance to the organization on engaging young people. The Young Professionals Advisory Committee provides an outlet for younger members to become more involved in the organization and reports to the External Member Relations Committee.

The majority of the Young Professionals Advisory Committee's membership must be made up of individuals who are 35 and younger. Membership is also open to more experienced members of IEDC who find this work important.

Chair: Jenny Mizutowicz, CEcD, Economic Development Manager, City of Carrollton, Carrollton, TX
Vice Chair: Ean Johnson, CEcD, Regional Manager, Economic Development, BNSF Railway Company, Phoenix, AZ

Contact:Allison Mahnke, amahnke@iedconline.org, (202) 942-9483