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Citizen Leadership Award

The Citizen Leadership Award recognizes a community or business leader, or an individual who is not an economic development practitioner, who plays a key leadership role and has endeavored to further the profession.


Justin Moffett

Justin Moffett grew up in Carmel, Indiana in an area then known as “Old Town Carmel.” In the 2000s, he began researching trends in home building across the United States, which led him to understand the increasing trend shift towards in urbanization and the importance of Carmel’s investment in redeveloping its downtown. The downtown continued to develop, and Old Town Carmel became the Carmel Arts and Design District.

In 2009, Mr. Moffett and his business partner, Jeff Langston, formed Old Town Design Group, with a vision to build and design timeless architecture. The new Arts and Design District was a perfect fit for this their vision, and even during in the midst of the second worst U.S. economic downturn, Old Town Design prospered. Hundreds of homes and over a dozen residential subdivisions have been built with Mr. Moffett and the company’s guidance, helping Carmel’s downtown residential district to be reborn.

Mr. Moffett and his partners have expanded beyond home building through the formation of Old Town Companies, which has become one of the most diverse real estate companies in Central Indiana, opening the door for several new economic development opportunities in Carmel. Because of his efforts to develop with community in mind, Mr. Moffett’s projects have helped the Carmel Midtown area become a premier Class A office destination, bringing in hundreds of jobs and positively contributing to the property tax base.

Mr. Moffett also offers his services, resources, and advice in support of local nonprofit organizations. He has actively been involved with historic preservation through his work with the Carmel Historic Preservation Commission and the Carmel Clay Historical Society. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors for the Center for Performing Arts and the Carmel Youth Assistance Program, which was formed in 2015 toa nd provides assistance to Carmel students and families through community involvement. Mr. Moffett has found ways to drive cultural development in the area, which includes co-founding the City’s PorchFest event,; a day of live music played from front porches of homes in the Arts & Design District neighborhoods.

The Old Town team now consists of about 40 people and numerous sub-contractors. Due in part to Old Town Design Group’s efforts, more than 500 new single and multi-family homes, apartments and condominiums have been built in the Arts & Design District since 2005. Outside of Carmel, Mr. Moffett is also working on development projects such as the $30 million mixed-use Union Square at Grand Junction in nearby Westfield. Mr. Moffett’s pursuit of excellence, compassion for his local communities, and the economic impact of his work can clearly be seen in the City of Carmel’s residential and cultural redevelopment.

It is clear that Mr. Moffett’s personal interest in the city’s success and his willingness to give back to the community has played a vital role in the City of Carmel’s transformation and its continued growth. The International Economic Development Council is pleased to present the 2019 Citizen Leadership Award to Justin Moffett.


Charlie Chen

Charlie Chen, CEO of DFW Technology, Inc., has been instrumental in promoting economic development in the city of Richardson, Texas. In his work as a volunteer leader in the community for over 25 years and as an active Chamber of Commerce member, Mr. Chen has focused on and led the attraction and growth of international businesses to his city. After finishing his undergraduate degree in Atmospheric Science at National Taiwan University and traveling to the United States to complete his Master’s in the same field, Mr. Chen went back to school in order to study engineering. The budding technology environment in Richardson attracted him and proved to be a perfect spot to open his company, DFW Technology, Inc., in 1992. Since then, Mr. Chen’s company has risen to be a leading IT service corporation for companies like Texas Instruments.

In 2010, Mr. Chen convinced the City of Richardson to fund and establish the Mayor’s Office of International Business. The first of its kind in the Dallas area, the office works to recruit foreign direct investment to the city and develop exports and foreign partnership opportunities for Richardson businesses. Mr. Chen led the International Business Advisory Board and was named by the Mayor as first International Ambassador of Richardson, a role that allows him to promote his community to companies overseas.

Mr. Chen has been a steadfast member of the Richardson Chamber of Commerce. He became the chamber’s first Asian-American chairman of the board in 2015. He also serves on the board of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of North America, and as Chairman of the North Texas Collin County Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce. In 2015, Mr. Chen used his foreign contacts and business expertise to guide a group of chamber representatives as they toured Japan, China and Taiwan. Due to his influence, Mr. Chen attracted both Asian membership to the chamber and international companies to Richardson.

As part of his goal to encourage other Asian companies to open businesses in the city, Mr. Chen has hosted the Richardson Chamber’s International Concierge Soft Landing program in a designated space in one of his buildings. He provides a number of services and resources arranged by chamber members for incoming foreign companies. He is also an active mentor to Chinese students at the University of Texas at Dallas and offers free work space to student interns.

Growing up next to a famous Science Park in Taiwan inspired him to encourage the chamber to work on developing an Innovation District in the old heart of the Telecom Corridor to bring new vitality to this almost 1,000-acre technology business district. As an active member of the East Arapaho Innovation District Task Force, he was instrumental in getting the city council to fund a consulting study to update its urban design, zoning and public investment strategy for this area and to build upon the Innovation District concept. He established the DFW Innovation Center in one of his buildings to host start-ups and international companies.

For nearly three decades, Mr. Chen has shown great commitment to helping Richardson become a hub for innovation and international business. For all his work in Richardson and beyond, the International Economic Development Council is thrilled to present the 2018 Citizen Leadership Award to Charlie Chen.


Richard K. Davis

Richard K. Davis, executive chairman of U.S. Bancorp since 2007, has been an unwavering champion for business and economic development in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. In addition to the steadfast leadership he has provided at the helm of U.S. Bancorp, Mr. Davis has been the driving force behind countless economic development initiatives over the past decade. Mr. Davis is an avid supporter of initiatives that improve the quality of life for Minnesotans and recognizes the importance of economic prosperity in achieving that goal. He has served as chair of the Itasca Project, an employer-led civic alliance of public-sector leaders and university presidents committed to building a robust economy through task forces dedicated to timely economic issues. Mr. Davis served on the group’s 2009 task force that resulted in the formation of Greater MSP, the area’s first regional economic development organization. Proving his commitment, he went on to join Greater MSP’s board as secretary and was named chair in 2015. Greater MSP has since created or helped to retain more than 25,000 jobs and $3.2 billion in capital investment for the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region.

Mr. Davis understands that a skilled workforce is a key element in economic and community development and has worked tirelessly to provide those living in his community with the skills they need to compete. During his time as chairman of Greater MSP, Mr. Davis led the organization in the creation and launch of Make It. MSP., a talent attraction and retention initiative that has united more than 100 organizations to build the skilled workforce the region will need for the future. He also played an instrumental role in growing the impactful Step-Up internship program, which connects low-income students with paid internships and mentors. The program has provided assistance to more than 8,000 students since its start in 2004.

Proving his dedication to community development, Mr. Davis was integral in the effort to have Minneapolis host the 2018 Super Bowl. Following the opening of the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium in the summer of 2016, he led U.S. Bancorp in purchasing the naming rights for the stadium and forged a partnership with regional leaders in a successful bid for the 2018 game. As a result, the area surrounding the stadium has seen more than $8 million in office, residential, and retail development.

Mr. Davis’s commitment to helping communities beyond his work with U.S. Bancorp is undeniable: he serves on the boards of the Twin Cities YMCA, Minneapolis Institute of Art, University of Minnesota Foundation, and the National American Red Cross. Mr. Davis has received numerous honors over the years, including the Twin Cities Business Journal’s 2010 Executive of the Year award and the 2011 Henrickson’s Award for Ethical Leadership. As he enters retirement, he leaves an indelible impact on the lives of many across the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region. The International Economic Development Council is thrilled to present the 2017 Citizen Leadership Award to Richard K. Davis.



Michael A. Prozeralik

The Citizen Leadership Award is given to a community or business leader who is not an economic development practitioner but has played a key leadership role in influencing economic development.

Michael A. Prozeralik, president and managing principal architect of KPB Architects, is a dynamic champion for the city of Anchorage and the challenges it faces as a young economy. Along with his 30 years of professional architectural experience, Mr. Prozeralik has shown an unwavering commitment to leading innovative projects that benefit Anchorage and set the foundation for economic growth and prosperity for his community and beyond.

As a board member of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), he helped found Live.Work.Play (LWP). LWP unites businesses, nonprofit organizations, and community members to work together to foster the development of the city’s economy and make Anchorage the number one place in the nation to live, work, and play by 2025. The group’s vision helped position Anchorage as an early adopter of placemaking.

Only five years into a 15-year plan, LWP has seen several successes through partnerships and programs that have ensured Anchorage is well on its way to achieving its goal. With Mr. Prozeralik as chair of the LWP Steering Committee, 180 businesses and organizations have signed memorandums of understanding supporting and partnering with LWP. The initiative has also been adopted as a policy platform by Anchorage’s Mayor Berkowitz and has grown from 35 supporters in 2010 to over 200 in 2015.

Proving his dedication to the economic health of his city, Mr. Prozeralik was elected chairman of AEDC’s board in 2015, where he oversaw a group of 31 leaders from the energy, health care, transportation, and financial industries in Alaska. During his tenure as chairman, Anchorage was host to the 2015 IEDC Annual Conference, and he played an active role on the host committee for the conference. His commitment to making the conference a success serves as evidence of his support of economic development at the national level.

A true testament to his commitment to Anchorage and its citizens, Mr. Prozeralik has been a key partner in initiatives that aim to develop the community. For the past nine years, he has been a board member of Bean’s Café, a nonprofit organization that provides meals, day shelter and support services for Anchorage’s homeless. Mr. Prozeralik played an integral role in finding a new office and warehouse for the organization, negotiating the purchase and spearheading the design and implementation of the new facility. In 2013, he and the KPB team launched the Pupil+Paper program as a fundraiser for Bean’s Café’s The Children’s Lunchbox Program, which serves meals to local at-risk children. A unique student design scholarship, the competition tasks students with creating clothing using recyclable materials, all donated by Downtown Anchorage businesses. The initiative has, to date, awarded $18,000 in scholarships and donated nearly $75,000 to The Children’s Lunchbox.

Mr. Prozeralik works tirelessly as a community building advocate and dedicated leader. His commitment to improving the lives of the citizens of Anchorage is evident in both the work he does through his own company and his volunteer work with AEDC and others. Having seen the fruits of his labor throughout the city while in Anchorage for the 2015 Annual Conference, the International Economic Development Council is proud to present the 2016 Citizen Leadership Award to Michael A. Prozeralik.



Jeffrey Thurman

For the past 36 years, Jeffrey Thurman has shown unwavering commitment and extraordinary civic leadership to the City of Hamilton, OH. As the president and CEO of Community First Solutions, Mr. Thurman is the leading advocate for ensuring quality of life for aging adults, and, the overall well-being for Ohio residents.

After spending the first 28 years of his career at Colonial, an organization dedicated to providing quality care for older adults, Mr. Thurman led the consolidation of that entity and three others to form Community First Solutions in 2010. The organization now proudly supports a four-county area in Ohio, serving 46,000 individuals annually, and, is the city of Hamilton’s second largest private employer with 700 employees.

Together, the network assists the elderly with proper care and housing, supports mental health assistance and outreach to the four counties, and offers enrichment programs that fulfill the needs of families, children, and adults. Community First Solutions also encompasses its own pharmacy, the second non-profit pharmacy in the nation, increasing the accessibility and affordability of its services for insured and uninsured clients in the area.

Mr. Thurman believes that Community First Solutions has the responsibility not only to strengthen Hamilton through its services, but also to make valuable investments in the future of the city. In 2014, Community First Solutions announced its largest capital project in 20 years: the construction of a $12 million, 42,000 square foot rehabilitation center. Mr. Thurman also made the strategic decision to move Community First Solutions’ headquarters to downtown Hamilton, making it the first major company to shift its offices to the revitalized area. The company’s $5.88 million investment serves as an example for other companies to do the same.

Beyond his important role as a business leader, Mr. Thurman founded Leadership Hamilton in 1992 in an effort to sustain his city’s vitality. The nine month program educates emerging leaders on relevant issues including economic development and health care, expands their networks, and mobilizes leadership. The program has evolved and grown, boasting more than 600 graduates to date, many of whom hold esteemed positions in the community today. Mr. Thurman is also a key participant in city projects such as Hamilton’s Downtown Developer Day and the We Are Hamilton video. He actively serves on many boards in Ohio, and remains Hamilton’s biggest supporter.

Mr. Thurman is a selfless leader, one whose constant advocacy for the community is reflected in his daily work. The International Economic Development Council is proud to present the 2015 Citizen Leadership Award to Mr. Jeffrey Thurman.

Kimber Lanning

Executive Director
Local First Arizona
Phoenix, AZ

The Citizen Leadership Award is given to a community, a business leader or an individual who is not an economic practitioner, but who plays a key leadership role.

Kimber Lanning is a longtime leader in the Phoenix metropolitan area, beginning as a successful entrepreneur and more recently as Executive Director of Local First Arizona. Her enthusiasm for supporting local businesses and community culture has shaped her career and changed Phoenix for the better.

Witnessing first-hand the problems that occur when communities turn away from local businesses and culture and towards chain stores and national brands, Ms. Lanning took a different approach towards economic development when she opened an art gallery in a blighted area in central Phoenix. Her dedication to her business and neighborhood, which include hosting regular art events, inspired a community renaissance and attracted other small business owners. Lanning's willingness to contribute everything from contagious energy, to creative event planning, to economic development strategies, led this group of small business owners to reduce crime in the area by 62 percent, create over 135 full time jobs, and provide immeasurable community pride for the entire city.

In 2003, Ms. Lanning launched Local First Arizona in an effort to inspire others to stay in Phoenix to help build a world class city. In order to do just that, she needed to help the city return to a climate where local businesses could compete against chain stores and large companies. An independent study confirmed her belief that locally owned businesses provided a unique environment that could set Phoenix apart and lead to residents feeling connected and rooted to the community.

As Director of LFA, Lanning developed a specific strategy to gain the traction needed to move the needle on Arizona's economy. First, she streamlined the City of Phoenix's Adaptive Reuse program, which was so cumbersome and regulatory that it was preventing small businesses from getting their doors open. Lanning’s pilot program was a success and is now encouraged city wide. Because of this shift and Lanning's relentless mantra to city officials, Phoenix's overall economic development strategy now includes the fine grain businesses that make up a city that people are proud to call home.

Ms. Lanning envisions and executes programs that have proven to be highly successful. Ms. Lanning went to work on the state's procurement procedures, transforming them from a “low-bid wins” policy to a focus on selecting local contracts. She also created a Spanish language imitative and the Fuerza Local Accelerator Program to assist and encourage low-income Latinos in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ms. Lanning's leadership of Local First Arizona has transformed Arizona's local economy in a drastic way. The organization is now the largest locally owned business coalition in North America with over 2,600 business members, large and small. Most importantly the local business community reported sales were up 8.1% in 2013, almost twice the national average. In 2013, Ms. Lanning shared Local First Arizona’s success with rural communities by incorporating the Arizona Rural Development Council under Local First Arizona and encouraging sustainable development in rural communities through an annual Rural Policy Forum.

Kimber Lanning is actively involved in fostering cultural diversity, economic self-reliance, and responsible growth for the Phoenix metropolitan area. She has come to economic development from an unusual background but quickly demonstrated to her community that her ideas and programs work. The International Economic Development Council is pleased to present Kimber Lanning with the 2014 Citizen Leadership in Economic Development Award.

Leslie Jacobs

Vice Chair
New Orleans Business Alliance
New Orleans, LA

The Citizen Leadership Award is given to a community, a business leader or an individual who is not an economic practitioner, but who plays a key leadership role.

As a native New Orleanian, passionate community and business leader, education reform advocate, and philanthropist, Leslie Jacobs’s continuous work to support economic development in New Orleans over the last 25 years has made an enduring impact within the community.

One of the most impressive and respected themes of Ms Jacobs’s civic and professional career is to dismantle old, broken paradigms and drive progress through innovative and effective reforms. Understanding that effective education reforms are a critical building block in long-term workforce development, Ms. Jacobs began her journey as a change maker in the New Orleans community as a member for twelve years of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE). Ms. Jacobs played a leading role in reshaping public education statewide by establishing Louisiana's school district accountability system and shifting jurisdiction of the beleaguered Orleans Parish School Board to charter school operators. Since the enactment of these sweeping reforms, New Orleans public schools have seen incredible progress toward meeting educational goals, and become a national model for successful public school reform.

In addition to her tireless project of school reform, Ms. Jacobs has also made a strong and lasting impact in New Orleans' business community. Her wide-ranging areas of interest have included: entrepreneurship, workforce retention, and supporting the development of the City of New Orleans' strategic plan for economic development. Ms. Jacobs has been a direct supporter of economic development initiatives in the City of New Orleans and the region by serving on the boards of both the New Orleans Business Alliance and Greater New Orleans, Inc regional economic development organizations. Ms. Jacobs's tireless support and leadership of these organizations has allowed them to successfully attract game-changing companies in recent years.

Ms. Jacobs also served as the Co-Chair of the committee charged by Mayor Mitch Landrieu to develop a citywide economic development strategic plan that would ensure a more prosperous New Orleans by the city's tri-centennial anniversary in 2018. The resulting plan, ProsperityNOLA, depended upon the tireless support and dedication of Ms. Jacobs through months of data-driven planning and a process that engaged over 200 local business and civic leaders. Ms. Jacob’s role as a leader and architect in establishing the vision, and her continuing work to ensure its successful implementation cannot be overstated.

New Orleans is a city where entrepreneurship thrives. To ensure that local startups had the resources to scale up, Ms. Jacobs founded the New Orleans Startup Fund, a nonprofit organization which provides early-stage funding and a network of knowledgeable advisors to high growth companies as they prepare to seek venture capital. More recently, Ms. Jacobs has focused her energies on a new program called PowerMoves.NOLA, which aims to increase the number high-growth venture-backed minority entrepreneurs in New Orleans. Ms. Jacobs' optimism and passion for her hometown is also reflected in 504ward, which she founded to engage the thousands of under-35 young professionals who have moved to New Orleans in recent years and are driving the city's celebrated "brain gain". Ms. Jacobs recruited local partners from the business community to address issues pertinent to these young professionals and the resulting non-profit has proven an innovative and effective tool for driving the continued community engagement of this group.

Ms. Jacobs's vision for the economic good of her city, combined with her dedication and commitment to its people, make her one of the most exemplary citizens of the City of New Orleans. It is for this reason that the International Economic Development Council is honored to present the 2014 Citizen Leadership Award to Leslie Jacobs.

Sharon Harper

President & CEO
Plaza Companies
Peoria, AZ

The Citizen Leadership Award is given to a community or business leader or an individual who is not an economic practitioner, but who plays a key leadership role. Sharon Harper’s leadership in Plaza Companies and her dedication to economic development proves her an ideal recipient of this award.

Ms. Harper is the President and CEO of Plaza Companies, a real estate firm based in Arizona. She co-founded Plaza in the early 80’s when she realized there was a serious lacking in accessible and appropriate retirement care for seniors in Arizona. Plaza began as a real estate firm focused mainly on developing continuing-care retirement communities but under Ms. Harper’s leadership over the years, Plaza has begun to focus on medical and emerging technology facilities as well. Plaza Companies has earned many awards for its efforts, including Arizona Magazine’s Most Admired Companies in 2011.

In 2007 Plaza companies and Arizona State University opened SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center. SkySong is designed to assist growing companies by offering services and programs through the university, including access to technology, networks, and education. A large-scale incubator, SkySong encourages innovation and cooperation between emerging businesses and enterprises. With over 70 companies currently housed at the center, the project is projected to generate $9.9 billion for Phoenix over the next 30 years.

Ms. Harper has been part of many organizations and volunteer boards in addition to her full time role at Plaza Companies. She was a founding member of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council and is still greatly involved in its actions as a long-time board member. Additionally, she has been awarded with many honors, including being named one of the “25 Most Powerful Women” by the Arizona Business Magazine.

Under the guidance of Sharon Harper, Plaza companies filled the real estate gaps needed in Arizona’s economy and partnered with an established institution to create an incubator for new business contributors to the local economy. For this reason, the International Economic Development Council is honored to present the 2013 Citizen Leadership Award to Sharon Harper.

Alexandra Villoch

Senior Vice President of Advertising & Marketing
Miami Herald Media Company
Miami, FL

The Citizen Leadership Award recognizes a community or business leader, or an individual who is not an economic development practitioner, but who plays a key leadership role and has endeavored to further the profession.

Alexandra Villoch has a long and substantive record of supporting economic development as a dedicated leader within Miami-Dade County. Ms. Villoch has taken the lead on countless economic development projects with The Beacon Council that mobilized business, government, and education leadership to implement the county’s job creation mission.

As Senior Vice President of Advertisement and Marketing for the Miami Herald Media Company, Ms. Villoch has served on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of The Beacon Council for the last two decades. Her legacy began in 1992, when, working for United Airlines as General Manager of Miami International Airport and Caribbean, she oversaw the creation of more than 750 jobs for welfare recipients reentering the workforce.

Since then, Ms. Villoch has had her hand in nearly every large workforce initiative in Miami-Dade County. During her terms as Chair-Elect and Chairman of The Beacon Council from 2008-2010, 62 economic development projects were completed, creating more than 3,400 new direct jobs and attracting more than $181.5 million in new capital investment to the county. She has also been an integral force in developing The Beacon Council’s most important event, the Annual Beacon Awards. This program honors existing business’ contributions to the local community and has grown each year, largely due to Ms. Villoch’s vision and effort.

Ms. Villoch’s crowning achievement came in 2011, when The Beacon Council launched the One Community One Goal Target Industry Strategic Plan. This initiative’s objective was to identify and prioritize the industries with the greatest potential for creating new jobs. Recognizing the importance of education as a common thread, Ms. Villoch brought leaders from educational institutions into the fold to ensure that training opportunities were available to support the identified industries. With no funding and no dedicated staff, Ms. Villoch stepped up to serve as Co-Chair of the effort and raised $600,000 for the project. Under her leadership, the planning effort had the highest level of public involvement in local history, with more than 5,000 people providing input.

Alexandra Villoch has been an important part of shaping the economic development forecast in Miami-Dade county for the last two decades. Her leadership and vision have proved to be integral to the successes of the area. For this reason, the International Economic Development Council is honored to present the 2012 Citizen Leadership Award to Alexandra Villoch.

James E. Davison

President and Chief Operating Officer
Davison Transport
Ruston, LA

The Citizen Leadership Award recognizes a community or business leader, or an individual who is not an economic development practitioner, who plays a key leadership role and has endeavored to further the profession.

James E. Davison has been a leading voice in economic development and has worked tirelessly to improve the business climate in northern Louisiana.

A successful businessman in his own right, Mr. Davison’s unwavering support of economic development has earned the admiration of many in the region, state, and nation. As President and Chief Operating Officer of Davison Transport, Mr. Davison has overseen the growth of the company from a two truck operation to a fleet of more than 300 trucks and 700 trailers.

Mr. Davison has seamlessly transitioned his personal success into economic vitality for the region. He has been directly involved in economic development efforts throughout Louisiana. He is a founding member and former Chairman of the Committee of 100, a statewide non-governmental organization focused on economic development. The Committee supports the Louisiana Economic Development Department and the major regional economic development agencies in the business and industrial recruitment process by marketing and promoting Louisiana as a business location, by providing resources to enhance the efforts of the economic development entities engaged in business attraction and to provide access to the critical thinking capacity of their membership.

Mr. Davison has been instrumental in the formation of economic development initiatives at his alma mater, Louisiana Tech University, spearheading the funding efforts to establish a research park at the university. The facility houses start-up businesses that are the direct result of research by university faculty and students. The building, opened in June 2011, hit maximum capacity well before its opening. In addition to his work with the research park, Mr. Davison was integral in securing funds for the professional aviation buildings at Louisiana Tech named for his father, Paul M. Davison. He has also been engaged in the development of the Entrepreneurship Program of the College of Business at the university and serves on its advisory board.

In addition to his extensive work and generosity at Louisiana Tech University, Mr. Davison has supported other several economic development efforts. As an investor in the start-up company, Next Autoworks, he and others hope to build the next fuel-efficient car in Ouachita Parish. He has also fulfilled a lifelong dream by creating a world class golf course and country club. With the support and collaboration of his wife, Dianne, daughter, Catherine, and sons Steve, Mark, and Todd, Mr. Davison established the Squire Creek Country Club in 2002. Surrounded by a large upscale residential development, Squire Creek was immediately recognized as Louisiana’s best golf course, and one of the best in the nation.

Mr. Davison has worked tirelessly to pull both human and capital resources together to benefit economic development efforts throughout the state of Louisiana. For this reason, the International Economic Development Council is honored to bestow upon James E. Davison the 2011 Citizen Leadership Award.

Tom Salome
Tom Salome Investments
Waco, TX

The Citizen Leadership Award recognizes a community or business leader, or an individual who is not an economic development practitioner, but who plays a key leadership role and has endeavored to further the profession.

Waco, Texas has a champion in Tom Salome, President of Tom Salome Investments. As a mobilizing community leader, Mr. Salome has not only been a successful entrepreneur, but he has also led the efforts of several of Greater Waco’s development projects.

As chairman of the Waco YMCA’s capital fund raising campaign, he facilitated the raising of more than $4.4 million to redevelop a vacant campus that was once home to a historical African American college. Funds generated from this campaign were used to build a new YMCA and community center, which prompted further redevelopment in the area.

In addition to his private sector fundraising efforts, Mr. Salome has advocated for civic causes throughout his career. In the 1990’s, Waco was at a competitive disadvantage among communities in Texas to attract development opportunities. Mr. Salome, along with a group of local businessmen, campaigned to the city and county for the development of an incentive fund that could compete with the grants offered through the economic development sales tax. The result was an incentive pool funded jointly through city and county general funds. This innovative program has raised $27 million in incentive funds and has supported 35 projects since it began in 1997.

More recently, on the behalf of the Greater Waco Chamber, Mr. Salome led the Challenge Greater Waco capital campaign, an effort slated to support the transformation of economic development in the Greater Waco area. More than $7 million was raised and used to create a public-private economic development program that included more than 100 individuals, businesses, and non-profits investing in Waco’s future. The campaign also secured the funds for the construction of the Greater Waco Chamber headquarters, recognized as the first LEED certified Chamber building in the nation and the first LEED new construction project in Waco. The construction of the new headquarters spurred community in sustainability and has resulted in eight LEED buildings in greater Waco. The Chamber building was named the Salome Commerce Center, in honor of the man who led the charge and was the project’s largest investor.

Mr. Salome has also served as president of the Waco Industrial Foundation (WIF), a non-profit real estate development board that has developed more than 5,000 acres in its 52 year history.

With Mr. Salome at the helm, WIF secured the highest level of capital investment from economic development projects, including $90.65 million of private investments and more than 1.4 million square feet of industrial construction.

In addition to his civic efforts, Mr. Salome has been a selfless business leader. As the community began a significant downtown revitalization, he realized that his own metal recycling facility would best serve the community if the majority of the operations were moved outside the downtown.

Because of his extensive efforts to mobilize the community of Waco, Texas, the International Economic Development Council is honored to present the Citizen Leadership Award to Tom Salome.

A. Scott Anderson
President & CEO
Zions Bank
Salt Lake City, UT

The Citizen Leadership Award recognizes a community or business leader, or an individual who is not an economic development practitioner, but who plays a key leadership role and has endeavored to further the profession.

Scott Anderson’s impact on Utah as a private citizen resonates throughout the state. He has been instrumental in developing the economic and civic foundation upon which Utah stands today. As President and CEO of Zions First National Bank, Anderson oversees Utah’s oldest financial institution, which is the state’s largest bank ranked by deposits. He led led many civic-minded individuals and political leaders in their creation of a business climate that recently earned the Kauffman Foundation’s recognition of Utah as the “most dynamic economy in the nation.”

Anderson’s efforts to stimulate economic development and to foster financial stability are well documented. He has led the charge to create new high-tech jobs through the Utah Science, Technology, and Research Initiative (USTAR). At launch, the initiative represents more than $200 million in economic development funds. Over the next 30 years, the state’s $673 million investment in USTAR is expected to generate 242 new Utah-based companies and 73,000 new jobs paying $5.5 billion a year in wages. The investment is also expected to attract $3.1 billion in federal grants and produce $2.9 billion in additional state tax revenues.

Mr. Anderson also serves on the board, and was involved in the creation of World Trade Center Utah, which serves the state’s businesses seeking to expand overseas. He was responsible for the merger between the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Alliance, which has galvanized efforts to support revitalization efforts in the state’s capital city.

To empower Utah’s entrepreneurs, Anderson conceived of an idea to establish the Zions Business Resource Center that offers small business owners and managers convenient access to information, seminars and workshops. Located in downtown Salt Lake City, the center offers no cost multi-media business resources – including a computer lab for research and for writing business plans, a library of business startup guides, and other books and publications that offer advice, ideas, and information

Recognizing that small businesses build Utah’s economy by creating new jobs, Anderson has developed strategies to ensure and maintain Zions Bank’s role as Utah’s top lender of U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans for the past 15 consecutive years. In March 2005, Anderson was named the Small Business Administration’s Region VIII “Financial Services Champion of the Year.”

In acknowledgement of his personal and professional commitment to advancing economic development in the State of Utah, the International Economic Development Council is proud to honor A. Scott Anderson with the 2009 Citizen Leadership Award.

Jane W. Smith

James M. Roolf

Con Paulos
Con Paulos, Inc.
Jerome, ID

William E. Strickland, Jr.
President & CEO
Manchester Bidwell Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA

Kenneth Hendricks
Chairman of the Board and CEO
ABC Supply Company, Inc.
Beloit, WI

Judith Rodin, PhD
President & Chief Executive
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Donald Pitt

William Jones