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IEDC Interview Series

In commemoration of several important anniversaries in 2011, IEDC staff interviewed former AEDC, CUED, and IEDC leaders to document the history of the economic development profession. These interviews include commentary on the profession's early years, the merger between AEDC and CUED that resulted in the creation of IEDC, the current state of the organization, and the future of the economic development field in general. The fifty-eight interviews that were conducted reflect leadership spanning six decades.

Journalist Frankie Clogston used these interviews and independent research to compose an article that was published in the summer 2011 issue of IEDC's Economic Development Journal. In addition, the transcript of each interview for which we have received approval is now being made available on IEDC's website.

Furthermore, IEDC staff compiled and digitized the photo archives of AEDC and CUED. While a few of these pictures were used in conjunction with the paper, a vast majority of the over 3,500 images are now available online.

We believe that the IEDC History Project has established a strong historical knowledgebase for both current and future economic development practitioners. If you have any additional photographs or files that you would like to contribute to the archive, please contact Hongfei Jia (hjia@iedconline.org).


Transcripts of Oral Interviews

Transcripts are organized by name and available to download as PDFs.

Robert "Bob" Ady
Founder, World Business Chicago

Herbert Bailey, HLM
DeLuca Award Winner, 1994

Bernard Berkowitz, HLM
Former President, Baltimore Economic Development Corporation

Bill Best, FM
IEDC Chair, 2010

Frank Birkhead
AEDC Chair, 1982-83

Tom Blanchard, Jr.
CUED Chair, 1986-88

Ross Boyle
AEDC Chair, 1992-93

Kurt Chilcott
CUED Chair, 2000-01
IEDC Chair, 2001-02

John Claypool
CUED Chair, 1994-96

Dorothy Collins
Former staff, AEDC

Gary Conley
CUED Chair, 1984-86

Jack Corrigan
Former Director, EDA - Philadelphia Office

Jim Devine CEcD, FM, HLM
AEDC Chair, 1999-2000

Donald Dunshee, FM HLM CED EM
AEDC Chair, 1988-89

Murray Elder, HLM
AIDC Chair, 1965-1966

Jeff Finkle, CEcD
CUED President & CEO, 1986-2001
IEDC President & CEO, 2001-Present

Harry G. Foden, FM, HLM
AEDC, President (1990-1991)

Jay A. Garner, CEcD, CCE, FM, HLM
AEDC Chair, 2000
IEDC Chair, 2001-2002

Vernon George
Partner, George.Henry.George.Partners

Jim Griffin, CEcD, FM, HLM
AEDC Chair, 2000-01
IEDC Chair, 2001

James Hankla, HLM
CUED Chair, 1982-1984

Earnestine Jones
CUED/IEDC staff, 1993-2014

Robin Roberts Krieger, FM, HLM
IEDC Chair, 2008

Ronald Kysiak, HLM
CUED Chair, 1980-1982

Joseph Marinucci, FM HLM
IEDC Chair, 2005-06

William McDermott, CEcD FM HLM
AEDC Chair, 1995-96

John Morand, CEcD, FM, HLM
AEDC Chair, 1991-92

Ioanna Morfessis, Ph.D., HLM
CUED Chair, 1980-1982

Ed Nelson, CEcD, FM, HLM
CUED Chair, 1998-2000

Michael J. Olivier, CEcD, FM, HLM
Former SEDC President

Judie A. Scalise, CEcD, FM, HLM
AEDC Chair, 1993-1994

Bill R. Shelton, CEcD, FM, HLM
AIDC Chair, 1979-1980

John Shirey
Former City Manager of Cincinnati

C. Mark Smith, FM, HLM
Former EDA Regional Director

David C. Sweet, PhD, FM, HLM
AEDC Chair, 1983-1984

Mark Waterhouse, CEcD, FM, HLM
AEDC Chair, 1994-1995

Rick Weddle, FM, HLM
AEDC Chair, 1994-1995