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IEDC History

In 2001, the American Economic Development Council (AEDC) and the Council for Urban Economic Development (CUED) merged to form the world's preeminent organization of economic developers: the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). On the occasion of IEDC's recently-passed tenth anniversary, this web site celebrates the evolution of the economic development profession, the contributions of these organizations, and the story of the merger. In addition to IEDC's tenth anniversary, 2011 marked 85 years since AEDC was founded, 44 years since CUED was established, and 25 years of President & CEO Jeff Finkle's service to both CUED and IEDC.


IEDC History Articles and Documents

Through the years, multiple articles and papers concerning the history of economic development have been written. Many of these documents, including IEDC's recently published history, are available below.

» Cheers to 90 Years. 2016 is the Year of the Economic Developer. Find out what we’re doing to celebrate this major milestone in IEDC’s history - by IEDC
» Forty Years of Urban Economic Development: A Retrospective - by IEDC
» Ten Years after the Merger: A Celebration of IEDC and Its Forerunners- by Frankie Clogston

» History of the American Industrial Development Council, Inc. - by AIDC
» A History of the American Economic Development Council (1926 - 1960) - Denn/Webb
» American Economic Development Council Milestones (1960 - 2000) - by Shelton/Birkhead/Seal
» History of AEDC and the Profession- Ronald Swager

» A History of CUED - by Ron Kysiak
» CUED at Thirty- by Jim Breagy


IEDC Interview Series

In commemoration of several important anniversaries, IEDC staff has interviewed former AEDC, CUED, and IEDC leaders to document the history of the economic development profession. These interviews include commentary on the profession's early years, the merger between AEDC and CUED that resulted in the creation of IEDC, the current state of the organization, and the future of the economic development field in general.

» Browse edited transcripts of these interviews


Photo Archive

IEDC staff has compiled and digitized the photo archives of AEDC, CUED, and IEDC. A vast majority of the over-5,000 images are being made available online. If you have additional images that you would like to contribute, please contact Hongfei Jia (hjia@iedconline.org).

» 2019 Annual Conference - Indianapolis, Indiana
» 2019 Annual Conference - Awards Ceremony and Recognition Dinner

» 2018 Annual Conference - Atlanta, GA
» 2018 Federal Forum - Washington, DC
» 2018 Leadership - Las Vegas, NV

» 2017 Annual Conference - Toronto, Canada
» 2017 Federal Forum - Washington, DC
» 2017 Capitol Hill Event - Washington, DC
» 2017 Leadership - Jacksonville, FL


IEDC Leaders

IEDC staff have compiled a list of past organizational leaders and Ed DeLuca Lifetime Achievement Award winners. If you have corrections or additional information that you would like to provide, please contact Hongfei Jia (hjia@iedconline.org).

» DeLuca Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
» Past Chairs of IEDC, AEDC, and CUED
» Board Members Since 1986 (CUED/IEDC) (PDF)
» Honor Roll of AEDC Leaders (PDF)