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Mail List Rental

With over 4,500 members and 40,000 non-member affiliates actively purchasing IEDC publications and attending IEDC conferences and training sessions, IEDC members and affiliates are proven direct mail responders.

IEDC’s membership includes:

• City, county, and state economic development officials
• Private sector developers
• Chamber of commerce officials
• Utility company area development specialists
• Consultants
• Academicians
• Accountants
• Attorneys


Available Lists and Rates

There are a total of eleven lists available for purchase in two categories: IEDC Active Members and IEDC Prospects. All lists are provided in zip code order. The mailing list does not include emails, phone, or fax numbers and they are not available for rental. Please note: a sample of your mail piece is required for all orders.


IEDC Active Members

These lists are available for $175 per thousand names. Key coding is an extra $4.00 per thousand names.



IEDC Active Members Only
Members of IEDC, including subscribers to Economic Development Journal


IEDC Active and Expired Members
Active and expired members of IEDC, including subscribers and expired subscribers of Economic Development Journal


IEDC Book Buyers
Buyers of IEDC publications


IEDC Conference Attendees



IEDC Prospects

These lists are available for $125.00 per thousand names. Key coding is an extra $4.00 per thousand names.



Economic Development Practitioners
By title or name - economic development directors of cities, industrial area development directors, small business or development directors, economic development foundations, councils or commissions and enterprise zone coordinators, include economic development professionals at ports, utilities, and railroads.


Land Development
By title or name - redevelopment boards, urban renewal officials, city or regional planners, developers, engineers, architects or brokers, housing authority agencies and directors and downtown development authorities.


Economic Development Finance
By title or name - Bankers in community economic development, investment bankers, venture capitalists and insurers.


University Connection
By title or name - university economic development investment bankers, venture capitalists and insurers.


State and Federal Economic Development Officials
By title or name - state and federal officials whose position may directly or indirectly involve economic development.


Economic Development Allies
Consultants, associations, lawyers, publishers, computer-service and accountants allied to the economic development community.


Direct Mail Request
Primarily at homes addresses, inquirers who have requested materials, membership information or other IEDC information.



Usage Policies

A sample of your mailing piece is required for all orders. Strict adherence to the listed policies is required.

• All lists are for one-time only use and are not to be reproduced, re-keyed, or used by anyone other than the original rental.
• Lists will be emailed within 10 business days of the approved request. Faster service is available for an extra fee.
• Lists are continuously updated. Final counts are not available until requests are processed.
• Payment required in advance for first order; 30 days from delivery date thereafter; 10% discount to IEDC members, IEDC exhibitors and Economic Development Journal subscribers.
• Sample mailing piece should be sent in with mailing list order form.
• The name of IEDC or any part of IEDC or its staff cannot be included in the promotional material unless the president grants permission.
• All requests must be reviewed by IEDC prior to mailing (requests are not guaranteed for approval).


Ordering Information

Download and complete the order form (PDF), including the attached Rental List Use Agreement. Then mail it to IEDC (address included) or email it to cgordon@iedconline.org.

If you have any questions, please contact Cherrika Gordon via email at cgordon@iedconline.org.