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Domestic Partners

University Economic Development Association

Established in 1976, the University Economic Development Association (UEDA) is North America’s membership organization that brings together public and private higher education; private sector; public agencies; and community economic development stakeholders in economic development. UEDA’s members include institutions, and their partner affiliates, who are advancing the leading edge of the innovation economy. By leveraging education / talent development; research and technology development; and community-building and place-making strategies, UEDA members expand economic opportunity and prosperity in communities and regions in which they serve. UEDA’s mission is to serve its members by advancing knowledge and practice in economic engagement by institutions of higher education. For more information, please visit www.universityeda.org to learn more.

The Bollinger Foundation is a unique non-profit organization that provides support to children who have lost one or both parents who worked in the economic development profession.

StateBook helps companies discover the best, most strategic U.S. locations for their business. To support the corporate site selection process, StateBook aggregates location intelligence data for every community in the U.S. about workforce, taxes, utility rates, infrastructure, supply chain, wages, infrastructure, quality of life, available incentives, and more.

Companies search, filter and compare U.S. communities, then easily create customized, sourced reports on communities of interest. Through StateBook's platform, businesses also connect directly with economic development organizations (EDOs) to discuss their current business needs and future goals.

EDOs use StateBook data to respond more efficiently to RFIs, benchmark their communities against their competition, enhance business retention and expansion efforts and win new investment by marketing their communities to site selectors and companies using StateBook.


International Partners

IEDC and international partner organizations are dedicated to promoting an exchange of information, experience, and best practice among economic development practitioners and organizations. These efforts include partnering on initiatves, sharing information, and participating in each other's events in order to improve the integration of economic, social, and environmental agendas.

Entities that are membership organizations assist members of their respective organizations to develop bilateral contacts and/or common projects. The main goal of this collaboration is to facilitate international learning and the development of networks for information sharing between organizations and members.

To learn about our many international partners, please visit our partners section of our international activities web page.