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Previous Leadership Award Winners

» Chairman's Award for Lifetime Achievement in Economic Development
The Chairman's Award is given to individuals who have shown long-standing, exemplary commitment to economic development throughout their careers.

» Citizen Leadership Award
The Citizen Leadership Award recognizes a community or business leader, or an individual who is not an economic development practitioner, who plays a key leadership role and has endeavored to further the profession.

» Fellow Member Designation (FM)
Fellow Member (FM) status is conferred upon active IEDC members who have attained unusual stature in the field of economic development and closely related disciplines. Unusual stature is defined as significant contributions to the profession through service to the Council and/or academic endeavors directly related to the practice of economic development. A Fellow holds the classification as long as membership in the Council is maintained.

» Honorary Life Member Designation (HLM)
Honorary Lifetime Member (HLM) status is conferred upon active or former members of IEDC who have furthered the profession of economic development and have been a teacher or inspiration on the part of the profession to others in many communities.

» Institutional Leadership Award
The Institutional Leadership Award recognizes a leader of a community institution (university, community college, hospital, local foundation or other community institution) who has made significant contributions to the community in support of economic development through their leadership, financial support, local investments, hiring, training or related activities.

» Jeffrey A. Finkle Organizational Leadership Award
This award recognizes an individual who has continuously led the same public or non-profit economic development organization with integrity, tenacity, and a philanthropic spirit for at least 15 years. Nominees should demonstrate a vast knowledge of the intricacies of the economic development profession and play a pivotal role in the continued success of their organization. They have not only exhibited exemplary leadership but have also worked tirelessly to develop the leaders around them and have a history of active participation with IEDC.

» Leadership Award for Public Service
The Leadership Award for Public Service recognizes an elected official who, for more than ten years, has served as a strong public advocate for economic development.

» Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Economic Development
Every year IEDC looks specifically for an individual who has demonstrated consistent, exemplary performance in the economic development profession, leading the execution of projects that have significant impact on revitalizing communities, and playing a major role in shaping and improving the practice of economic development.

» Young Economic Development Professional of the Year
This award recognizes outstanding achievement by a young, emerging leader in the economic development profession.

» Congressional Leadership Award
This award recognizes a member of Congress who has made significant contributions in the area of economic development. The award is given to a leader for his/her continuous support for economic development, and/or for intense work on a single piece of legislation.

» Federal Leadership in Economic Development Programs Award
This award recognizes an individual federal program director who has gone above and beyond in administering a federal economic development program.