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Public Policy at IEDC

Connecting You to What Matters Most in Washington

IEDC adds significant value to your membership through our work in the public policy arena. As the most important voice in Washington on economic development, IEDC engages Congress, the Administration, and the various Departments and Agencies on the policy issues that are most important to economic developers. Through a combination of monitoring, reporting, and educating, IEDC will keep you up to date on the relevant public policy issues of the day and ensure your voice is heard in Washington.

The IEDC website offers various resources to help keep you connected:

IEDC Public Policy Blog: Your Resource for Up-to-the-Minute News from Washington
The District of Economic Development is IEDC’s public policy blog. The District will provide IEDC members with the latest news, updated daily or more, on federal happenings that impact economic development. The District will also provide information on other related areas, such as events at think tanks and Congressional hearings. The District should be your first stop for the latest from inside the beltway.

IEDC Public Policy Documents & Reports: Information to Keep You Informed and Engaged
IEDC produces various documents and reports throughout the year that detail key economic development policy issues. The Federal Review, The Federal Agenda, The Guiding Principles, The Federal Directory, and The Federal Alert are available to IEDC members as resources that cover the full-spectrum of federal economic development policy.

IEDC Public Policy Resources: Tools That Bring Washington to You
IEDC maintains various resources on our website that keep economic developers across the country and around the world informed and engaged. This section of the website focuses on tools that can help you stay informed and stay engaged: The Washington Insider Calendar, LegiTracker, The Guide to Federal Economic Development Programs, How’d You Do That?, How to Contact Your Leaders in Washington, and the IEDC Public Policy Advisory Committee (PPAC).