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IEDC Public Policy Resources

Tools That Bring Washington to You

IEDC maintains various resources on our website that keep economic developers across the country and around the world informed and engaged.

The Washington Insider Calendar (WIC)
The Washington Insider Calendar, or WIC, is your one-stop resource for key events in Washington you need to know about. IEDC will post key Congressional hearings, committee mark-ups, policy speeches, and other events related to economic development on the WIC. If you can’t get to Washington, the vast majority of events posted on the WIC will be available via streaming video, webcast, or conference call. Know of an upcoming event that should be posted on the WIC but isn't? Send us an email at publicpolicy@iedconline.org.

The Legislative Tracker
IEDC keeps our members up-to-date on key legislation related to economic development through The Legislative Tracker. The Tracker features the bill number, latest action, and links to the bill text.


IEDC Public Policy: Get Engaged!

Here are some resources to help you get engaged on economic development public policy.

How to Contact Your Leaders in Washington
These websites will help connect you with your Members of Congress and give you help instructions on how best to communicate with them.

Get in/Keep in Touch with IEDC
Got a burning question or comment on economic development public policy? We encourage our members to reach out to us! Send a note to IEDC public policy staff at publicpolicy@iedconline.org.

The Public Policy Advisory Committee
The IEDC Board of Directors is advised on public policy matters through the Public Policy Advisory Committee (PPAC). This dedicated group of volunteers meets throughout the year to discuss current policy trends, develop content for IEDC publications, provide input for the annual Federal Economic Development Forum, and advise the Board on key economic development policy. Are you a member of IEDC and interested in joining PPAC? Submit your resume and a brief cover letter here. Space on the committee is limited and responsibility for selecting members to serve on the committee is at the discretion of the IEDC Board.