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EDRP Members Give Back!

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) is committed to remaining the world’s most comprehensive, up to date economic development information resource. Economic Development Research Partners (EDRP) exists to create cutting-edge practical research useful to IEDC members and the ED profession as a whole.

By virtue of where you are in your career, there are few networking opportunities that offer you the chance to engage in stimulating dialogue with your peers about the future of the profession. That's why we created the Economic Development Research Partners Program (EDRP).

EDRP research is supported and directed by its own special membership category. In addition to influencing the direction of some of the field’s most important research, EDRP members – usually the most senior staff officers of their organizations:

• Network with their peers at IEDC conference functions created just for them
• Receive eight IEDC membership spaces for their staff
• Benefit from having their organizations prominently recognized throughout IEDC communications

“EDRP reports address common situations that ED professionals face. Based on thoughtful research, EDRP findings give practical advice that directly helps the economic development practitioner. My entire organization reads EDRP reports!” Brett Doney, CEcD, FM

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