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Recertification Requirements and Application

Maintaining your CEcD certification is an important way to boost the visibility of your organization and maintain your marketability within the profession.

Recertification requirements focus on your attendance at events that offer professional development opportunities. Although CEcDs are required to attend at least two IEDC events every three years recognized state and regional events also count towards recertification. As a result, CEcDs should plan their schedule around events that interest them, and not around events that simply satisfy a point requirement.


Recertification Activity Tracking Document

A document has been created in order to assist CEcDs in keeping track of their recertification points over a three year period. This document is for personal use only and does not constitute a recertification application. You must submit the proper documents to IEDC when recertifying in order to successfully be rolled into a new cycle.

» Download the recertification tracking document (PDF)


Recertification Application

The recertification application can be submitted to IEDC six or less months before a CEcD’s recertification date. A CEcD will be able to assess where they stand with respect to recertification as they fill out the application. Recertification activities should be documented in the appropriate categories, under levels I, II or III.

The recertification application also serves as an excellent guide for tracking recertification maintenance and credits: a CEcD will no longer have to wait to find out if they have the correct number of points or be required to submit supporting documentation of attending events.

» Download the recertification application (PDF)

» Are you a CEcD based in Canada? Download your application (PDF)


Resources for CEcDs Working on their Recertification during COVID

» CEcD Recertification Activities and Resources (PDF)


Upcoming Recertification Dates

All CEcDs are required to recertify under the new recertification system. If your recertification date falls in 2015, we will be sending you an email alert of your recertification date, as well as the newly revised recertification application and guidelines. In the new system, CEcDs have one of four recertification due dates in each calendar year.

Month of Certification

Recertification Due Date

January 1 - March 31

March 31

April 1 - June 30

June 30

July 1 - September 30

September 30

October 1 - December 31

December 31

Additionally, you will receive recertification reminders based on the following schedule:



1st Notice

60 Days Out

Reminder Notice

30 Days Out

Past Due Notice

30 Days Past Due

Late Fee and Termination Warning Notice

60 Days Past Due

Final Termination Notice

90 Days Past Due

If your recertification date has passed and you have not heard from us, please email certification@iedconline.org.


Adopting CEcD Designation

Now that you have earned the Certified Economic Developers (CEcD) designation, you can proudly display your achievement. Please email certification@iedconline.org with your address so that we can send you a new CEcD pin and certificate (if you have not already received one).


Volunteer with IEDC for Recertificaiton Points

Looking for recertification points and want to share your knowledge with others? Please consider joining IEDC’s Knowledge Management & Development (KMD) team in a research project, technical assistance, webinar, mentoring or teaching opportunity. KMD has a number of exciting projects and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. To become a volunteer, please fill out this electronic form goo.gl/FHy8Uu and the KMD team will reach out when opportunities arise.