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Economic Development Journal - Fall 2005

Commercial Development Impact Analysis Before and After Construction: A Case Study
by C. Fred DeKay, Ph.D. and Barbara M. Yates, Ph.D.
Economic and fiscal impact analyses prepared before and after the construction of a large urban commercial development in Seattle provide a case study of how actual results might differ from the original predictions.
Tags: Analysis and Impacts, Real Estate and Revitalization

What's the Difference Between Good and Great Economic Developers?: Surprisingly Little if You Follow These 12 Steps
by Ted M. Levine
Offers a dozen described and prescribed best practices for development organizations.
Tags: Economic Development Organizations, US Economy

Chicago Curbs Restrictive Land Use Covenants: Bans Grocers and Drugstores from Using Covenants to Foil Competition
by Peter Skosey and Amy Kish
Although restrictive land use covenants are not uniformly harmful to communities, it has become common around the country, and even in Canada, for supermarket and drugstore proprietors to use restrictive covenants in an anti-competitive manner.
Tags: Economic Recovery, Real Estate and Revitalization

Pounding the Pavement: Pearland's Path to Business Retention & Expansion Success
by Karen Dickson
In Pearland, the “pound the pavement” approach has proven to be the outreach solution for the Texas community.
Tags: Business Retention and Expansion, Strategy Data and Analysis

21st Century Jobs: Identifying the Challenges in Baltimore County, Maryland
by Richard A. Cobert
The emerging job market presents new opportunities and uncertainty for every community.
Tags: US Economy, Economic Recovery, Workforce

Cluster Monitor: A Guide for Analyzing Industry Clusters in Regional Economies
by Heike Mayer, Ph.D.
Outlines a framework for analyzing industry clusters and guides practitioners step by step through the process.
Tags: Business Retention and Expansion, Strategy Data and Analysis

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