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Economic Development Journal - Fall 2006

Creating Economic Clusters: The Policy Challenge
by Athar Osama, Ph.D. and Steven W. Popper, Ph.D.
Poses a series of challenges to the cluster analyst and practitioner communities that may comprehensively address the weaknesses and deliver on the promise of cluster policy.
Tags: Strategy Data and Analysis, International

BRAC-onomic Development: Pursuing the "Art-of-the-Possible"
by Tom Rumora
Economic development professionals who become proficient in “art-of-the-possible” problem solving can help optimize the consequence of BRAC in conjunction with elected officials, city/county managers, utility companies, realtors, investor/developers, taxpayers, neighboring communities, business leaders, and expert advisors.
Tags: Federal, Real Estate and Revitalization

Does Rural Land-Use Planning and Zoning Enhance Local Economic Development?
by Joy Wilkins, B. William Riall, Ph.D., and Arthur C. Nelson, Ph.D., FAICP, with Paul Counts and Benjamin Sussman
Does land-use planning implemented through zoning facilitate rural economic development? A review of the experiences of 57 rural communities across Georgia provides ample evidence that it does.
Tags: Rural Development, Quality of Life

Implementing Strategic Change at the Charlotte Regional Partnership
by Ronnie Bryant, CEcD, FM, and Doug Eadie
The Charlotte Regional Partnership successfully employed a Governance and Bylaws Task Force consisting of Board members and the CEO to fashion – and secure the Board’s approval of – a set of recommendations aimed at updating the Partnership’s governing structure and processes.
Tags: Economic Development Organizations, Analysis and Impacts

Structuring a Successful Greenhouse Cluster in Northwest Ohio
by Neil Reid, Ph.D., and Michael C. Carroll, Ph.D.
Faced with competitive challenges that threaten its economic viability, northwest Ohio’s greenhouse industry recently organized as an industrial cluster.
Tags: Manufacturing, Business Retention and Expansion

Professional and Business Services in Regional Economies: Growth and Gaps
by Ellen D. Harpel, Ph.D.
Given its important role in job creation in many regions, understanding the dynamics of the professional and business services sector is an imperative for economic development and community leaders.
Tags: US Economy, Economic Recovery, Workforce

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