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Economic Development Journal - Fall 2007

Measuring Up: Assessing Economic Structure for Success in the New Economy
by Robert D. Atkinson
Presents results from The 2007 State New Economy Index, a study that enables state and local economic developers to better assess where their states lie in the transformation to the New Economy.
Tags: Business Climate, Sustainability, States

Excellent People. Excellent Performance. Excellent Value: The Campaign to Save the 1,200 Jobs of the Cleveland Defense Finance and Accounting Service
by Carol Caruso
Cleveland’s government and civic leaders learned in 2004 that the Pentagon was considering wiping out more than 1,200 jobs by closing the city’s Defense Finance and Accounting Service as part of the 2005 round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). But it proved to be the year that the seeds were sown for what became the most successful campaign to preserve jobs the city had ever known.
Tags: Workforce, Federal, Business Retention and Expansion

Pivot Point, Yuma: A Partnership Effort to Redevelop Yuma's Downtown Riverfront
by Matthew Spriggs, AICP and Charles Flynn
This article recounts the successful riverfront redevelopment planning efforts in Yuma, Arizona. The Pivot Point, Yuma project is reshaping the image of Yuma to all of the Southwest and sets the stage for continued growth in the 21st century. The project won IEDC’s 2007 Partnership Award for areas with a population of 50,000-200,000.
Tags: Real Estate and Revitalization, Quality of Life

Community Capitalism: Kalamazoo Comes Back from the Brink
by Ron Kitchens, CEcD
The “Community Capitalism” strategy rests on a set of initiatives, partnerships, and public-private efforts to revitalize Kalamazoo, Michigan’s local economy by tapping into existing resources. The innovative model received IEDC’s 2007 Multi-Year Economic Development Program Award for areas with a population of 50,000-200,000.
Tags: Economic Recovery, Innovation and Technology, Real Estate and Revitalization

Partnership Builds a Knowledge Economy in Ponca City, Oklahoma: Rural Community Connects with Corporation and University to Reinvent Its Economy
by David Myers, CEcD
To diversify and develop a new economy based upon knowledge jobs, Ponca City sought to build economic ties with universities, businesses, and government agencies located outside the community. The result was the University Multispectral Lab. The project won the 2007 IEDC Partnership Award for areas with a population of less than 50,000.
Tags: Rural Development, Energy

Critical Steps in the Cluster Building Process: The Art and Science of Cluster-based Economic Development
by Neil Reid, Michael C. Carroll, and Bruce W. Smith
This article provides a methodology for moving a cluster from identification to implementation. The methodology outlines a series of steps that are taken once a particular industry has been identified as a target of cluster-based economic development.
Tags: Manufacturing, Strategy Data and Analysis

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