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Economic Development Journal - Fall 2010

New Markets Tax Credits: A Growing String of Successes Across the Country
by Deborah La Franchi
This article seeks to explain how New Markets Tax Credits, a once obscure and little understood federal program in its incipient years, has become a critical funding source for projects located in low-income communities across the country.
Tags: Real Estate and Revitalization, Economic Recovery

Utilizing Early-Stage Capital to Create New Companies and New Jobs: Starting New Ventures in Your Regio
by Steve Weathers, CEcD
This article focuses on a strategy in Northwest Ohio that combines the traditional tools of economic development with the financial resources of an early-stage venture capital fund to create a unique economic model that creates new companies and more importantly new employment opportunities.
Tags: Economic Recovery, Innovation and Technology, Rural Development

Regionalism: A Dynamic Strategy for Economic Growth
by Lorie Vincent, CEcD
The High Ground of Texas organization has been successfully marketing a large geographic area for more than two decades, resulting in existing business growth, industry diversification, job creation, and wealth accumulation.
Tags: Rural Development, Business Attraction and Marketing

Turning Fairfield, Iowa into a Rural Renaissance City: The Power of the Entrepreneurial Class
by Burt Chojnowski
Once a culture of entrepreneurship was established in Fairfield, Iowa it became self-perpetuating and spilled over into the social and civic fabric of the community.
Tags: Rural Development, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

Creating Economic Development Opportunities: The Case for Regional Multiple-Site Business Incubator Networks
by Gary Jackson, Ph.D. and Arthur Rubens, Ph.D.
Increasingly, we are seeing business incubators as part of a larger business incubator network that provides a cohesive, integrated targeted network to promote the strategic economic development goals of a region and state.
Tags: Economic Recovery, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Innovation and Technology

Achieving Economic Development Through Workforce Development: The Progress of Four South Georgia Counties in the Georgia Work Ready Program
by Penelope Schmidt
The Georgia Work Ready Program is an interlinked workforce development system designed to promote workforce skills development and economic development.
Tags: Workforce, Business Attraction and Marketing

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