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Economic Development Journal - Fall 2011

The New Economic Development Playbook: Focus on Talent, High Growth Companies & Competitive Advantages
by Christian S. Johansson
This article lays out a plan to grow jobs by attracting and retaining talented workers; targeting resources on high impact, fast growing companies; and developing an economic development plan around core advantages and assets.
Tags: Business Retention and Expansion, Economic Recovery, Workforce

Your Major Employer Leaves - Now What?: Nine Steps to Economic Recovery
by Steve Vierck, CEcD
An increasingly large number of communities are dealing with the loss of one of their major employers. Fortunately, there are valuable assistance programs in place as well as instructive lessons to be learned from regions that have successfully recovered.
Tags: Economic Recovery, Business Attraction and Marketing, Business Retention and Expansion

Responding to Globalization: NEOTEC Initiatives Connect Northeast Ohio to the World
by Ron DeBarr
Through collaboration and proactive solutions to changing economic needs, the Northeast Ohio Trade & Economic Consortium (NEOTEC) is helping to define Northeast Ohio as a wellspring of business opportunity for companies around the world.
Tags: RInternational, Business Attraction and Marketing, Business Retention and Expansion

Serving Second-Stage Companies: A Different Approach to Cluster Development
by Penny Lewandowski and T.J. Becker
Industry clusters have long been a hot topic in economic development circles. Yet there’s an alternative view of cluster development: Targeting growth entrepreneurs not by industry but according to their stage of business development.
Tags: Business Retention and Expansion, Business Climate,

It Takes a Village: How The Idea Village Is Stimulating an Entrepreneurial Movement in New Orleans
by Henry Mautner
Though The Idea Village has a solid track record of providing technical assistance to local entrepreneurs, the organization’s greatest accomplishment is its success at defining, creating, and sustaining an entrepreneurial movement. This investment has helped reposition New Orleans as a city of renewed hope and opportunity
Tags: Innovation and Technology, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Business Climate, Economic Recovery

The Early Roots of San Diego's Innovation Economy: The Role of Civic Leadership and Land Use Decisions in the Region's Economic Transformation
by Mary Lindenstein Walshok
Academic research is underscoring how important cultural values and social dynamics are to turning R&D into regional economic development. San Diego, California, the home to some of the nation’s most robust technology clusters, is an interesting example of how early regional land use decisions by the public sector, coupled with “venture” investments and a collaborative culture, have jump-started the growth of the new economy.
Tags: Business Climate, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Innovation and Technology,

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