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Economic Development Journal - Fall 2012

Global Logistics Trends: New Economic Development Opportunities Based on Today's Shifting Global Supply Chains and Increasing E-Commerce Segment of the Retail Industry
by Curtis D. Spencer
There are countless links between global trade, global logistics, and local economic development. However, identifying and capturing the opportunities these connections present remains a daunting challenge for local and regional economic developers.
Tags: International, Transportation

Eighteen Years Later: Catching Up with the Dallas In-Town Housing Program
by Rick Loessberg
This article examines the origin of the Dallas in-town housing program, discusses the various incentives that the program has used, describes the housing that has been built, and assesses whether the program has been successful.
Tags: Real Estate and Revitalization

Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship: Models from North Carolina
by Leslie A. Scott
In North Carolina, the N.C. Rural Economic Development Center has accumulated nine years of experience in demonstrating rural entrepreneurship ideas through its statewide Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship.
Tags: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Rural Development

Inclusive Clusters: Embedding Inclusiveness in Cluster Policy and Practice
by Johnathan M. Holifield, Esq, Adam Kamins, and Teresa M. Lynch
Proponents of cluster-based economic development and regional equity have historically operated without accounting for their considerable joint interests. Not only can the improved outcomes derived from cluster initiatives help to “lift all boats,” but an emphasis on inclusiveness results in enhanced productivity and competitiveness.
Tags: Analysis and Impacts, Strategy Data and Analysis

The Power of Collaboration: Supporting Entrepreneurs
by Jasper Welch
This article focuses on programming, strategic initiatives, and sponsorships that an economic development organization can implement to support entrepreneurship and the follow on results of new company start-ups, new jobs, and wealth creation in its service area. It includes a discussion of coworking spaces, business incubators, and business accelerators.
Tags: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

The JOBS Act - Crowdfunding and Beyond: Social Networking Meets Angel Investing
by Ron Kitchens and Phillip D. Torrence
For businesses looking for startup funding, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act or JOBS Act signed into law by President Barack Obama on April 5, 2012, offers a new pot of gold under the proverbial rainbow.
Tags: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Finance

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