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Economic Development Journal - Fall 2014

Taking the Mystery out of Best Places Rankings: 13 Rankings That Matter Most and the Methods and Madness behind Them

by Dariel Y. Curren
The proliferation of city and state rankings - and their corresponding rise in influence over people's perceptions - has left many economic developers scratching their heads, trying to understand the differences between rankings, their methodology, their nuances, and what exactly they mean. Rankings clearly play a role in shaping perceptions that can be critical for attracting talent and businesses, so understanding them is important.

Innovative Land Swap Proves Economic Catalyst for Uptown Charlotte: Years in the Making, This Strategic Vision for Underutilized Parcels Is on the Road to Success

by Lelia King
The Uptown Charlotte Land Swap won the 2014 IEDC Gold Award for Public-Private Partnerships. This strategic and innovative idea to swap parcels of underutilized land has already resulted in the successful launch of a new minor league baseball stadium and new urban park in the heart of Uptown Charlotte.

Are Economic Developers Asking Universities to Participate in the Development of Their State’s Economies? Select Southeast U.S. Universities Are Demonstrating Why They Should

by Joel "Rick" Duke, CEcD, EDFP
As university efforts to elevate business engagement for research, placing graduates, philanthropy, and other desired outcomes escalate, so, too, are universities creating the opportunity to present to those businesses how a closer proximate relationship could benefit both parties. It is that opportunity for a new proximate relationship that economic developers should not only be very interested in, but can help facilitate.

Building a 21st Century Workforce: The Alamo Academies

by Gene Bowman
Creating a skilled and educated workforce is the vision of the Alamo Academies, a nonprofit based in San Antonio, TX, which offers tuition-free career tracks for high-demand STEM occupations. The Alamo Academies program received the 2014 IEDC Gold Award in the Human Capital category.

The New Economy and the Future of Competitiveness and Innovation: Policy Ideas for an Evolving Economy

by Rob Atkinson and Adams Nager
U.S. economic developers need to track what their counterparts are doing in other states and in other parts of the world. Imitating policies from around the world could accelerate the rate of U.S. innovation, make the United States a more competitive production location, and strengthen the U.S. evolutionary ecosystem.

Walking: A Path to Prosperity, Health, and Social Capital

by Kaizer Rangwala, AICP, CEcD, CNU-A
Walkability is a sound investment that produces increasing and lasting dividends. Cities are rediscovering the many and lasting financial, health, social, and environmental benefits of walkable places.

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