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Economic Development Journal - Fall 2015

Brewing Growth: Regional Craft Breweries and Emerging Economic Development Opportunities

by Neil Reid and Jay D. Gatrell
The American craft beer industry has experienced explosive growth in recent years, resulting in over 3,400 craft breweries in the United States. As larger companies have expanded their market area, breweries have opened new facilities. These larger craft breweries represent an economic development opportunity for communities that can attract them to their locale.

Embracing a 3-Dimensional Economic Future: The Story of Hudson Valley 3D Printing

by Laurence P. Gottlieb
This article tells the story of Hudson Valley 3D Printing (HV3D), an IEDC Gold Award-winning initiative from the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp. to maximize the regional deployment of this exciting technology. The creation of the HV3D initiative spanned two years of development and partnership-building work.

WT Enterprise Center - Incubation with Urgency: A Flourishing Local Ecosystem in the Texas Panhandle

by Kyla Frye and Jason Boyett
The WT Enterprise Center's partnership with the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation has fueled entrepreneur growth in the region by providing dynamic resources to entrepreneurs. The center, a rural business incubator located in Amarillo, TX, won IEDC's Gold Award for Regionalism and Cross-border Collaboration.

Creative Placemaking: Putting the Arts to Work for Economic Development

by Jason Schupbach
It takes time, ingenuity, and patience to ensure the integration of arts into community planning efforts. This article outlines the basics of having an arts-based economic development strategy.

Connecting Heritage Assets to Modern Market Demand: Reinventing the Textile Industry and Restoring Community Vitality to Rural North Carolina

by Sara Chester
Community and business leaders in Burke County, NC, have helped launch and maintain the Carolina Textile District - a value chain network that supports the growing demand for US textile production. Burke Development, the county economic development agency, and its partners were recognized for the project as an IEDC Gold Award recipient in the Multi-Year Economic Development category.

Rural Entrepreneurship as an Economic Development Strategy: The Case of NAFTA Impacted Counties in Georgia

by Dominique Halaby
In order to effectively assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in economically challenged counties in rural Georgia with establishing and growing their business, Georgia Southern University developed Georgia's Enterprise Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GENIE). GENIE received IEDC's Gold Award in Entrepreneurship.

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