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Economic Development Journal - Fall 2016

IEDC's 90th Anniversary: In Celebration of the Economic Developer

by Frankie Clogston
Documenting IEDC's 90-year history, this article surveys its institutional accomplishments, identifies challenges and opportunities in the profession, and features Jeff Finkle's perspective on his 30-year tenure at IEDC.

Shifting Value Propositions: The Next Generation of Economic Development

by Tim Chase, CEcD, FM
Because of the intensity and speed of change in the world today, this is an opportune time to explore an updated value proposition for economic development.

Walt D'Alessio: A Legacy of Impact in Philadelphia

by William Kenny
It's difficult to imagine a Philadelphia without Walt D'Alessio, who ventured east in 1960 for an American Institute of Planners convention and has called the City of Brotherly Love home ever since.

In Honor of Edward deLuca (1910-1985)

by Jim deLuca
Edward deLuca was one of the founding members of the Council for Urban Economic Development (CUED). IEDC's Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Economic Development is presented every year in his honor.

The "I" in IEDC: A History of IEDC's International Engagements and Growth

by Swati Ghosh
This article explores the genesis, evolution and diversification of IEDC's international activities.

Economic Development: A Misunderstood Profession and Practice?

by Dr. David Kolzow
Misconceptions about the nature of economic development are leading to failed policy decisions and misallocation of limited public resources. On the other hand, if economic development is done correctly, it can bring about a positive change in the economic dynamic of a state, region, or community.

Mr. California Economic Development: Wayne Schell - Making a Difference

by Paul Saldana, CEcD
Few people have spent their entire career and lives promoting local economic development at the highest level of state government. For over 40 years, Wayne Schell did just that.

Paul Strasbaugh: Pioneer of Economic Development in Post-War America

by Roy H. Williams, CCE
Paul Strasbaugh, a post-war economic and community developer in Oklahoma City, spent over 60 years in the field working as a business recruiter, urban pioneer, developer and community champion.

"What Are They Going to Call It?"

by C. Mark Smith
Sam Volpentest spent 46 years promoting his community and building its economy in the Tri- Cities area of southeastern Washington State. Finally, one of the projects he landed made history.

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