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Economic Development Journal - Fall 2017

Planting the Seeds for an AgTech Innovation Ecosystem: How Salinas, California, Went from Salad Bowl of the World to Global AgTech Hub

by Andrew Myrick, CEcD, EDFP, and Rachel Deloffre
Facing the loss of a major employer, the city of Salinas embarked upon a new mission to harness its strengths in agriculture and proximity to Silicon Valley to create an AgTech Innovation Ecosystem - a bold task in a largely lowincome farming region that once had little to no existing startup culture. This initiative changed the city's trajectory and won IEDC's Gold Award for Entrepreneurship.

TEAM: Washington State's Approach to Economic Development

by Maury Forman
Washington State has focused on a new strategy for rural communities, called TEAM, that supports practitioners, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with Technical assistance, Education and training, Access to capital, and Mentoring and networking. Washington has created a network of innovative programs, publications, and partnerships that have proved successful in creating businesses and jobs in rural communities by investing locally.

Scioto Greenways: A River Runs through It

by Guy Worley
The Scioto Greenways project in Columbus transformed an aging, neglected civic resource into a vital network of public green spaces. The resulting waterfront scene is the subject of national accolades including IEDC's Silver Award for Public-Private Partnerships.

Driving Business Retention, Expansion and Attraction Programs to a Higher Level through Talent Pipeline Management: Sector Partnerships as the Vehicle

by Angie White, CEcD
Economic development organizations that can facilitate dynamic and lasting relationships between industry and education and training partners will demonstrate their ability to improve the operating environment for existing business and the employment prospects for its residents, and this is a mighty tool for attracting new companies.

The Nonprofit Academy in San Diego: Building Strong Nonprofits to Drive Economic Development

by Lyn Corbett, Laura Deitrick, and Michele Marano
Little is known about the strategies local governments use to strengthen the capacity of their nonprofit partners. To address this knowledge gap, this article presents a case study of a successful government-funded, capacity-building initiative undertaken by the City of San Diego, called The Nonprofit Academy, which won IEDC's Gold Award for Partnerships with Educational Institutions.

The Economic Impact of Major Events: Implications for Elected Officials, Economic Developers, and Policy Makers

by Ben Loftsgaarden
Economic impact analysis is an important mechanism to evaluate the potential benefit to a community from investing public dollars to host a major event or tourism-based project. This article details important considerations for practitioners and provides economic developers and government officials a clearer view of economic impact studies - what to expect, what to be wary of, and which questions to ask.

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