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Economic Development Journal - Spring 2005

The Millennium Park Effect: Creating a Cultural Venue with an Economic Impact
by Edward K. Uhlir, FAIA
Millennium Park has transformed 16.5 acres of commuter rail lines and a surface parking lot and another eight acres of shabby park land, fronting Michigan Avenue, into an outdoor cultural venue.
Tags: Business Retention and Expansion, Quality of Life

The Green Development in Chicago: Making Chicago an Environmentally Friendly City
by Sadhu Johnston
City leaders are finding that green urbanism can make their cities and citizens healthier, economically prosperous and their streets and neighborhoods more beautiful, while making the city more competitive in the global marketplace.
Tags: Strategy Data and Analysis, Sustainability

The Greater Chicago Region: A Logistics Epicenter
by Mike Kirchhoff, CEcD, and Jody Peacock
As companies struggle to identify the most efficient and timely low-cost delivery methods, the greater Chicago region finds itself at the center of a significant market opportunity.
Tags: Strategy Data and Analysis, Business Retention and Expansion

A Vision for Change: Renewing Chicago's Public Housing
by Terry Peterson
Chicago is currently in the midst of the largest overhaul of public housing in the nation’s history.
Tags: Real Estate and Revitalization, Quality of Life

CenterPoint Intermodal Center: Transforming the Joliet Arsenal into a Manufacturing and Distribution Business Park
by Michael M. Mullen
The CenterPoint Intermodal Center is transforming a former military brownfield into new revenue streams and employment opportunities for Will County and the state of Illinois.
Tags: Manufacturing, Federal, Real Estate and Revitalization

The O'Hare Modernization Program: Maintaining the Aviation Crossroads of North America
by Roderick R. Drew
The O’Hare Modernization Program is a $6.6 billion program that reconfigures O’Hare’s outdated runway system and creates a 21st century airport.
Tags: Strategy Data and Analysis, Business Retention and Expansion

Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises Competing in the Global Economy: A Rising Force in Economic Development
by the Hon. Neil F. Hartigan and Ambassador Allan N. Lever
Exporting is no longer “the job” of large corporations. Small to medium-sized enterprises are increasingly taking their places in the international trade arena.
Tags: International, Business Retention and Expansion, Sustainability

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