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Economic Development Journal - Spring 2017

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Building High Calibre City Data: A Critical Tool to Drive Economic Development and Inclusive Prosperity in Cities
by Dr. Patricia McCarney
This article explores the importance of leveraging high calibre, internationally comparable and standardized city data as a tool to make wise investment decisions in cities, driving economic development.

Urban Economic Development in a Rural Context: Preparing for the Future in Orillia
by Ian Bromley
Orillia is a small city in a rural region, part of a rapidly growing metropolitan area, which is itself a satellite of an even larger metro area – the Greater Toronto Area. Orillia's economic strategy focuses on building connections to the larger economies and focusing on quality of place.

Digital Disruption: Jobs and Social Policy in the New Economy
by Jordann Thirgood and Sunil Johal
Industrialized economies around the world are facing increasing pressure to modernize their understanding of the world of work and associated social programs. Despite the many economic benefits of technological advances, rapid innovation could accelerate income inequality, the rise in precarious work and declining unionization rates.

Cultural Economies: What Are They and How Do We Build Them?
by Greg Baeker
For many years economic development has acknowledged the contribution cultural assets of various kinds make to local and regional economies. This article explores these contributions but argues a more integrated understanding of culture and cultural economies in cities and communities can leverage greater economic outcomes.

Driving a Prosperous Future: Economic Analysis of the Lasting Impact of Ontario Universities
by Cecilia Brain
Ontario's universities make many lasting contributions to individual, community and provincial economies, helping to build a strong, inclusive economy that makes Ontario an attractive place to live and invest. This article estimates the impact of Ontario universities in the Ontario provincial economy using three different methodologies to measure three different economic impacts: the impact of spending, the impact of human capital, and the impact of research.

Urban Tech Sector Growth Drives Economic Resilience: Examining Resilience in the Toronto Tech Ecosystem
by Jaxson Khan and Olivia Labonté
The growth of the technology sector is driving economic resilience in urban centres. Toronto is a city that has one of the world's fastest growing technology sectors and its high economic resilience correlates to the growth of that sector.