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Economic Development Journal - Summer 2005

Staying Small by Thinking Big: Growth Management Strategies for Small Towns
by Thomas E. Marano, CEcD
Urban sprawl continues its march into many exurban, small towns. But with small budgets and limited staff, these towns have limited financial resources and little training in methods to manage development pressures.
Tags: Rural Development, Economic Recovery, Quality of Life

Business Improvement Districts Reach Europe: Adopting and Adapting the BID Concept
by Lawrence O. Houstoun, Jr.
Reviews the current progress of BIDs in Europe, identifies some of the similarities and differences with US BIDs, and reviews the likely advances as various European countries adopt and adapt the BID concept.
Tags: Strategy Data and Analysis, International, Tourism

Involving the Public in Economic Development: It's More than Just Holding a Few Meetings
by Ruth Ann Bramson, Ph.D.
While statutory requirements sometimes require public participation in decision making, only rarely do they specify how that should be accomplished.
Tags: Economic Development Organizations, Strategy Data and Analysis

Prospering in an Era of Economic Transformation: Putting "Development" Back in Economic Development
by Dr. Robert Atkinson
As the New Economy creates new success factors for most communities and regions, it means that the challenge is to focus on development, not just growth.
Tags: US Economy, Business Climate

Stability, Solid as Bedrock: Privatization at the Former Newark (Ohio) Air Force Base
by Wally Horton, Joe Renaud, Michael M. Brown and Rick Platt
This model privatization effort remains a pillar of sustained, economic development strength for Licking County and Ohio as well.
Tags: Federal, Real Estate and Revitalization

Site Selection Technology Paradigm Shift: Making the Case for a New Technology Driven Information Infrastructure
by Don A. Holbrook, CEcD
Over the past decade, the rapid advancement of technology has changed the nature and speed of work. While many business industries have embraced these changes, Economic Development Organizations have fallen short.
Tags: Analysis and Impacts, Economic Development Organizations, Innovation and Technology

The Employment Beta: A New Criterion for Targeting Industries
by Sam G. Berry, DBA and Calvin C. Blackwell, Ph.D.
To avoid employment volatility, the authors transfer over a well accepted investment technique for avoiding stock return volatility to an economic development application.
Tags: Workforce, Strategy Data and Analysis

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