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Economic Development Journal - Summer 2009

Find a Way or Make One: Lessons Learned from Case Studies of Small Town Development
by Jonathan Q. Morgan, Ph.D. and William Lambe
What approaches and strategies do successful small towns tend to rely on in building their local economies? This article discusses the lessons learned from a recently completed compendium of 45 case studies of small town development efforts from around the U.S.
Tags: Analysis and Impacts, Rural Development

Public/Private Partnership Gives Rise to a Pioneering Success: 1,500-Acre Village West Tourism District, Kansas City, Kansas
by Daniel F. Musser, CRE, and Richard C. Ward, CEcD, CRE, AICP
Reaffirming the adage that “chance favors the prepared mind,” a massive development is born in eastern Kansas as entrepreneurially inclined municipal officials seize an opportunity to transform an underutilized, but strategically located, tract of land into a tourist Mecca anchored by a most atypical tenant – a NASCAR race track.
Tags: Tourism, Business Attraction and Marketing, Real Estate and Revitalization

City of Boulder, Colorado's, Flexible Rebate Incentive Program: Economic Development Through Sustainability
by Liz Hanson
This article describes the origin, economic impact, and effectiveness of the city of Boulder, Colorado’s, flexible rebate incentive program, which won a 2008 IEDC award for excellence in sustainable and green development.
Tags: Sustainability, Incentives

Partnerships and Collaboration: The Story of Danville, Virginia's, Economic Transformation
by E. Linwood Wright and Jeremy Stratton, CEcD
Danville, Virginia, and its neighboring county have enjoyed significant transformation of an economy that was devastated by globalization.
Tags: Business Retention and Expansion, Economic Recovery, Rural Development

Utah - Military Operations and Economic Development: Strengthening Military Jobs in the State
by Rick Mayfield
Utah has a long tradition for supporting the USA’s Armed Forces, and through economic development efforts, has sought for ways to assist in strengthening and sustaining these military operations.
Tags: Business Retention and Expansion, Business Climate

Social Network Analysis: Its Use in Local Economic Development
by Neil Reid and Bruce W. Smith
Social Network Analysis is a tool that can be used to better understand the nature and structure of economic development networks.
Tags: Strategy Data and Analysis, Innovation and Technology, Economic Development Organizations

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