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Economic Development Journal - Summer 2010

Economic Gardening: An Entrepreneurial Alternative to Traditional Economic Development Strategies
by Christian Gibbons
The idea that economies can be grown internally by nurturing second stage (10-99 employees) growth companies has caught the imagination of many economic development agencies that are finding it increasingly difficult to be effective. The actual program, however, has much more depth and complexity than many realize.
Tags: Business Retention and Expansion, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Business Climate

Boosting Laborforce Competitiveness in Wayne County, North Carolina: The Wayne Occupational Readiness Keys for Success Initiative
by Lawrence Bivins
A powerful partnership is yielding measurable progress in elevating the competitive posture of Wayne County, North Carolina – showcasing the value of determination, collaboration, and the right tools in tackling workforce readiness challenges.
Tags: Business Climate, Workforce

Entrepreneurial Success: The Purdue Research Foundation Finds the Right Formula
by Joseph B. Hornett
The Purdue Research Foundation provides the important amenities like a shared business center, business diagnostic program, venture capital opportunities, human resources, communications and marketing, and tech transfer activities to help entrepreneurs succeed.
Tags: Business Retention and Expansion, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Business Climate

A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: How Economic Development CEOs Add Value in a Down Economy
by Tim Chase, CEcD, FM
This article takes a hard look at current prospects for job creation, suggests new value propositions, and examines six new ways to compete including specific action steps.
Tags: Economic Recovery, Economic Development Organizations

Beyond the Research Park: Diversifying Economic Development in College Towns
by John L. Gann, Jr.
Many college communities have been single-purpose company towns, making them potentially as vulnerable as towns built around steel or auto plants proved to be. Fortunately, their special nature offers other economic opportunities.
Tags: Business Attraction and Marketing, Quality of Life, Sustainability

Strength in Numbers: The Coastal Bend Region's Efforts to Prepare Its Workforce for Tomorrow
by Kyle Talente and Sean Pink
The Coastal Bend region is enhancing and improving its job training and industry outreach efforts in a coordinated and comprehensive manner, based on the economic diversification strategy developed through a multi-jurisdictional planning authority created as a result of the BRAC process.
Tags: Workforce, Economic Recovery

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