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Economic Development Journal - Summer 2016

Global Competitiveness and Local Business Development: How Communities Are Integrating Trade and Exports into Long-Term Strategies

by Ashley Zuelke and Pat Kirwan
Economic development organizations across the country, like GREATER MSP in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, are designing plans and approaches to help local businesses expand international sales and fuel local business retention and expansion. GREATER MSP is tapping into resources that many EDOs do not know are available from the U.S. government, including data resources, key local services, and federal programs. This article delivers practical guidance for economic developers to integrate export promotion into their own strategies.

The Six Biggest Mistakes in Economic Development Marketing: A Candid Look at "Worst Practices" and How to Avoid Them

by Andy Levine
It's often said that we learn more from our mistakes than our successes. An experienced place marketer looks closely at the current state of economic development marketing through the lens of the six common mistakes made by economic development groups.

New Disclosure Rules and the Future of Incentives: Preparing for Transparency as the New Norm

by Ellen Harpel
Elected officials and community groups are demanding better data on incentive costs and benefits. New tax abatement disclosure rules are one manifestation of this trend toward greater transparency and accountability in incentive use.

The CEO as Urban Statesman: Unique Solutions to Fix Economic Development Problems that Defy Elected Officials

by Sam A. Williams
First person interviews and detailed observations show how five cities worked with business leaders to create coalitions that tackled big public policy issues which blocked economic development. Each story is unique but shows patterns and lessons learned to help other cities who have been stymied by problems so big and take a decade to fix that political leaders shy away.

Vacant Spaces to Happening Places: The Case for Preservation and Reuse

by Kimber Lanning
This article provides a personal perspective on a contemporary approach to economic development: recognizing and actively pursuing an integrated relationship between planning and economic development in cities and towns everywhere.

Celebrate the Baby Boomers: How Older Workers Are Invigorating the Economy and How Economic Developers Can Help

by Michele Markey
Baby Boomer entrepreneurs are redefining the marketplace as they apply decades of experience, talent and passion to launch and grow businesses. The leader of the Kauffman Foundation FastTrac team provides an in-depth look at why there's a boom in Boomer businesses, whether the boom will last, what Boomers need to succeed and, importantly, how economic developers can help.

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