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Economic Development Journal - Summer 2018

Economic Development Leadership: Practice the Essentials to Recover Quickly in a Time of Crisis

by Jason Ford, CEcD
Nearly a year ago, Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast was hit by Tropical Storm (Hurricane) Harvey, creating one of the largest flooding events ever to hit the US. The author shares important lessons learned from Houston's regional perspective in effective disaster response and the role that economic developers play in economic recovery.

Public-Private Partnerships: Delivering Civic Infrastructure through P3s

by Michael Catsi, CEcD, DFCP
Public-private partnerships (P3 or PPP) have been used since the 1990s to finance and procure infrastructure projects around the world. US governments are beginning to recognize the value of P3s and should learn from other countries and US success stories to engage with, and ensure, stakeholders understand the value of P3s in infrastructure delivery.

Economic Development after Dark: Making the Case for a Night Mayor

by Allison Harnden
The nighttime economy has special needs and considerations to assure safety, reverse and prevent negative impacts, and maximize economic benefit to the community. Mayors, business districts, and city councils worldwide are appointing “night mayors” and night economy managers to nurture and guide this booming economic sector.

Aging as an Engine of Innovation, Business Development, and Employment Growth: Facilitating Age-Related Economic Development

by James H. Johnson, Jr., Allan M. Parnell, and Huan Lian
Older adults will drive U.S. population growth over the next quarter century. Aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business enterprises that recognize the propitious opportunity to drive innovation by creating products and services that promote successful aging and create age-friendly communities can potentially shape U.S. economic and employment growth in the foreseeable future.

Navigating the Site Development Process: Communities Prepare for Success in the Industrial Real Estate Market

by Beth H. Land, CEcD
The industrial real estate market across the United States continues to tighten, making it difficult for communities to attract new jobs and investment. This article looks at how four different communities navigated the site development process, and their success stories. The article also offers key steps and considerations for starting the site development process.

Towards Creating a Stronger Relationship Between the Public Sector's Land-Use Planners and Economic Development Professionals: Establishing a Shared Understanding

by Todd J. Poole, EDFP, MPA
This article shares the author's perspective on typical challenges that can arise between land planners and economic development professionals and how these challenges can be overcome.

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