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Economic Development Journal - Winter 2007

Realizing the Inner City Retail Opportunity: Progress and New Directions
by Deirdre M. Coyle, Jr.
Inner city retail markets in the 100 largest U.S. cities continue to be underserved. Yet, several cities have made considerable progress attracting retail establishments, while others have stagnated or regressed, according to a recent study by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City.
Tags: Economic Recovery, Real Estate and Revitalization

Strategic Execution in Economic Development: Getting the Results You Want
by Jerry Mallot
All job growth is not created equal. This lesson was put into practice by the Northeast Florida economic development agency, Cornerstone Regional Development Partnership, winner of IEDC’s 2006 award for a multi-year economic development program.
Tags: Quality of Life, Business Attraction and Marketing, Incentives

Can We Have a High-End Retail Department Store?: How to Tell if Your Region Is Ready
by Christina M.L. Kelton, Ph.D. and Robert P. Rebelein, Ph.D.
Metropolitan-area data are used to determine just how large the population must be and to identify additional attributes of the population and area that are correlated with, and potentially necessary for, development of a successful high-end retail sector.
Tags: Analysis and Impacts, Business Attraction and Marketing

Edgewater: The Power of Public-Private Partnerships-Transforming a Brownfield into a Mixed-Use Destination
by Betsy Giusto, Ph.D.
Webster, Texas, and Cherokee Investment Partners aim to transform a blighted brownfield into a master-planned, mixed-use destination. This project won IEDC’s 2006 Partnership Award.
Tags: Sustainability, Economic Recovery, Real Estate and Revitalization

Building Innovative Communities: Connecting Research to Local Community Resources
by Mark Kapfer, CEcD, and Beth Taylor
The Eastern Iowa Community College District created an innovative community that embraced groundbreaking ways to grow businesses and economic development through technology creation and commercialization.
Tags: Innovation and Technology, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

Economic Development Strategic Planning: Preparing for an Industrial Location Project in Enterprise, Alabama
by Frederick L. Hamilton, DPA, CEcD/EDFP
The city of Enterprise developed and implemented an economic development strategic plan and used the plan as a guide for attracting an industrial project.
Tags: Manufacturing, Strategy Data and Analysis, Business Attraction and Marketing

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