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Economic Development Journal - Winter 2009

Coming Full Circle: The End of the Small Business Era?
by Ed Bee, CEcD
David Birch’s research on small business turned the economic development profession on its head in the 1980s. The author finds that the share of U.S. jobs in small business hasn’t changed since 1980, invalidating Birch’s findings about the dominance of small business in job growth.
Tags: Analysis and Impacts, Business Attraction and Marketing

Economic Development and U.S. State Film Incentives: The Rush to Attract Film Production
by Isaiah A. Litvak, Ph.D. and Marilyn Litvak, M.A.
This article examines and discusses the dynamics of the motion picture production industry in the context of interstate rivalry and the politics of incentives.
Tags: Incentives, Business Attraction and Marketing

Benchmarking Innovation: How to Build a Regional Innovation Index
by Erik R. Pages and Graham S. Toft
As economic development organizations become more aggressive in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, they must find ways to better understand how their regional innovation economy operates and how their programs affect individuals, businesses, and other key stakeholders.
Tags: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Analysis and Impacts, Business Climate

Arts, Culture, and Economic Development: Planning the Creative Age in San Antonio
by Steve Nivin, Ph.D. and David Plettner
This article focuses on the economic impact of the creative sector across the country and discusses San Antonio’s efforts in developing and implementing its strategic plan: The Cultural Collaborative.
Tags: Business Climate, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Quality of Life, Tourism

Opportunities in a Recession: Cultivating the Innovation Assets Required for Venture Capital Investment
by Jeremy Zaborowski
Surveys the history, current trends, and future needs of venture capital firms within the U.S., and provides recommendations for attracting these firms in this time of opportunity.
Tags: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Business Attraction and Marketing, Finance

BRAC: A Regional Opportunity - Preparing for Growth in the Fort Bragg Region
by Paul R. Dordal
Establishing a task force for a BRAC growth community changed the paradigm, with the Fort Bragg region expecting a population growth of 40,000 people by 2013. The Fort Bragg/ Pope Air Force Base BRAC Regional Task Force is a partnership of governments encompassing 11 counties and 73 municipalities.
Tags: Federal, Rural Development

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