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Economic Development Journal - Winter 2011

From Lone Rangers to Collaborative Communities: Finding the Cutting Edge in Economic Development Practice
by John Accordino, Ph.D., AICP, and Fabrizio Fasulo, Ph.D.
Some regions are finding ways to overcome structural barriers through innovative, collaborative partnerships to design and implement region-wide cluster development strategies and provide creative business development services.
Tags: Economic Development Organizations, Business Retention and Expansion

Fostering an Entrepreneurial Spirit: Southwest Initiative Foundation Helps Keep Businesses Growing in Southwest Minnesota
by Jackie Turner-Lovsness and Karen Grasmon
The Southwest Initiative Foundation (SWIF), a rural community foundation serving 18 counties in southwest Minnesota, supports business development and entrepreneurship throughout its region. SWIF received an Excellence in Economic Development Award from IEDC in 2010 for its Entrepreneurship Initiative.
Tags: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Finance, Business Retention and Expansion

Planning for Historic Preservation & New Job Creation: The Dubuque/IBM Project
by David Heiar
IBM located a technology service delivery center in the historic Roshek Building in Dubuque, Iowa, bringing 1,300 jobs to the area. But the IBM project didn’t just happen. It was the culmination of years of planning, strategic investment in the city’s historic urban core, a community-wide vision, and public-private partnerships. The Roshek Building redevelopment project won IEDC’s 2010 Public-Private Partnership Award.
Tags: Real Estate and Revitalization, Business Retention and Expansion

U.S.SourceLink: Making the U.S. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Visible
by Maria Meyers
What started as a way to get entrepreneurs to the right resource at the right time in Kansas City has expanded to help rural and urban business owners find the help they need from Alaska to Florida.
Tags: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Finance, Business Retention and Expansion

Workforce Development that Supports Economic Development: Building Skills for Job Growth
by Ray Uhalde
To sustain and support widespread economic growth and advance shared prosperity, it is critical that workforce development organizations forge more genuine and effective partnerships with economic development groups.
Tags: Economic Recovery, Workforce

Scorecard: Financing Economic Development
by Ralph J. Basile, Brian Dowling, and Tory Salomon
This article examines five economic development financing tools from a practitioner’s standpoint, detailing pros and cons and assigning a grade to capture experiences with applying these tools.
Tags: Finance, Real Estate and Revitalization, Incentives

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