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Economic Development Journal - Winter 2012

Unleashing Fundamental Change: Networking Transformational Thinking and Action Through Economic Development
by LaDene Bowen, CEcD, FM; Ronnie Bryant, CEcD, FM, HLM; Jim Damicis; Scott Gibbs; Rick Smyre; and Mark Waterhouse, CEcD, FM, HLM
Economic developers will need to help build successful communities that can adapt to constant change using the emerging principles and skills of “comprehensive community transformation.”
Tags: Economic Development Organizations, Leadership and Professional Development

Clean Energy: An Ultra-Dynamic Game of Chess
by Tracey Hyatt Bosman, CEcD
Keeping pace with the rapidly-changing clean energy industry can be a real challenge. Successfully positioning a community to reap clean energy jobs and investment is an even trickier proposition.
Tags: Sustainability, Innovation Technology, Energy

Turning Coal into Diamonds: The Ottawa Power Station Redevelopment Project
by Karl R. Dorshimer, CEcD, EDFP
An IEDC Excellence in Economic Development double award winner, this project in Lansing, MI, transformed a vacant and contaminated ten-story, former coal burning power plant into the world headquarters of the Accident Fund Insurance Company.
Tags: Real Estate and Revitalization

Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Northwest Florida: A Multidimensional Strategy for Building an Innovation-based Economy
by Charles Wood, CEcD
This article focuses on a multi-step strategy for developing critical entrepreneurial assets in Northwest Florida, including the development of a marketing and education network, a technology incubator, educational strategies, and other necessary components.
Tags: Business Climate, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Innovation and Technology

Sustainable Lisle Business Partnership: Green By Choice
by Catherine Schuster
Winner of the 2011 IEDC Green or Sustainable Project of the Year, the Green By Choice program in the village of Lisle, IL, illustrates how sustainability can serve as an economic strategy in addition to reducing waste and preserving precious resources for future generations.
Tags: Sustainability

Auto: One of the Most Significant Industries in North America
by Dr. Jay Baron and Debbie Maranger Menk
The auto industry is of both historical and contemporary significance. The industry extensively employs workers from many fields such as manufacturing, engineering, legal services, and advertising. As the industry has evolved, it has demonstrated a growing interconnectedness between technological and automotive innovation.
Tags: Manufacturing, Innovation and Technology

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