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Economic Development Journal - Winter 2014

Growing Forward in Response to an Economic Disaster: The Success of Wilmington and Clinton County, Ohio
by Christian Schock, Taylor Stuckert, Mark Rembert, and Dr. Peter J. Mallow
A major economic disaster hit Wilmington and Clinton County, Ohio, in 2008, resulting in one of the state's largest employment dislocations in history. The grassroots programs and a five-part recovery strategy not only tactically assisted in the economic disaster response but also proactively set forth a strategic plan for economic resilience.
Tags: Economic Recovery, Strategy Data and Analysis

Sabre Industries Expansion Project: Growth of Advanced Manufacturing in the Heartland: Retaining a Major Employer in Sioux City, Iowa
by Martin J. Dougherty
Sioux City successfully worked with Sabre Industries to build a new 150-acre campus to manufacture cell phone and electric transmission towers. Winner of IEDC's Gold Award in Business Retention & Expansion, this project underscores the importance of traditional economic development practices, including a strong business retention program, and investment in quality sites and infrastructure.
Tags: Manufacturing, Business Retention and Expansion

Do-It-Yourself Economic Growth: How Communities Can Cultivate Their Talent and Thrive
by Heidi Pickman and Claudia Viek
Nothing is as it was 10 years ago, and we can only imagine what will be in 10 years and that includes changing economic conditions. This means the economic development field needs to consider new tools to deal with a new reality. One of those tools is the Do-It-Yourself Economy, an economy built on a foundation of small, locally-owned, diverse businesses.
Tags: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Sustainability

Laying the Groundwork: How to Prepare Your Downtown for Retail Growth
by Carrie W. Gray
Like many urban centers in the U.S., Wilmington, Delaware, has struggled to bring life back to its downtown district. The city's challenges have not been unique, nor have its solutions to those challenges. What has been different is the coordinated, strategic approach that has brought tens of millions of dollars in investment into the downtown.
Tags: Downtown, Economic Recovery

Creating a Private Sector EDO: Chesterfield County (SC) Economic Development Alliance
by Brenda Workman, CEcD
The economy was on the decline in Chesterfield County, a rural county located in the northwest corner of South Carolina. It took major steps to turn the economy around, including the creation of a private sector economic development organization. With the creation of the Economic Development Alliance, Chesterfield County's economic development budget has doubled and the private sector insight is increasing the county's competitiveness.
Tags: Rural Development, Economic Development Organizations

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