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Economic Development Journal - Winter 2018

Intentional Management: Three Basic Fundamentals Every Micropolitan and Rural EDO Should Address

by David J. Myers, CEcD
There are several critical things that every economic development organization (EDO) must do to stay in business long enough to succeed. This article looks at three such critical needs with a focus on EDOs in micropolitan and rural areas.

The Forgotten Sector: Focusing on Home-Based Businesses

by Melissa Davidson
Many experts agree that home-based businesses are the way of the future for much of the world-wide workforce. As this lifestyle becomes more mainstream, programs such as York County, Virginia's Home-Based Business Assistance Program, a recipient of IEDC's 2017 Excellence in Economic Development Gold Award, must emerge to meet the unique needs of this sector and to complement a community's retention and attraction strategies.

Getting Retail Ready: Designing a Downtown Retail Leasing Strategy and Why It's Not All about the Numbers

by Larisa Ortiz
Retail leasing can be a challenge for commercial district practitioners, the individuals whose job it is to improve downtown and/or neighborhood commercial districts. The step-by-step process outlined here offers a comprehensive approach to improving tenant mix, one that is tailored to these practitioners.

Grow Lee: Overcoming Challenges for Developing the Future Workforce in Lee County, Iowa

by Dennis Fraise, CEcD
The Grow Lee program addresses future workforce needs of Lee County, Iowa. The goal was to bring together all the stakeholders and create an action plan to ensure the future economic viability of local industries, businesses, and the county. The program also strived to help connect the youth of the county to available opportunities in the area. Grow Lee is a 2017 IEDC Gold Award winner in the Human Capital category.

SoloWork: A New Job Creation Program

by Mark Lautman, CEcD
Solowork is one of the fastest-growing sources of new economic base jobs in the economy, and, until now, communities have had no practical program approach for procuring them. The Community Economics Lab, a 501c3 think tank, has perfected a program model proven to create new economic base jobs in communities of any size and condition, at significant scale, in less time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

Modern ED Marketing - Social Media: Use It or Lose It

by Peter Tokar III, MBA
The city of Alpharetta, Georgia, Metro Atlanta's tech hub and quality of life centerpiece, has crafted an innovative video marketing campaign using the latest technology and social media strategies to transform how they promote the city.

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